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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

FREE downloads

I am looking for people to write files about the following topics:

1. Marketing/Promotion
2. Motivation
3. Organization
4. Publishing
5. Professional blogging
6. Newsletters
7. Virtual book tours
8. Check lists for writers
9. Poetry and song writing
10. Promotional Videos
11. Book Cover Art Design
12. Websites
13. Networking
14. Book reviews
15. Press Releases
16. Technical Aspects e.g. ISBN’s, Copyright etc…
17. New technology e.g. Kindle, audio books etc…
18. Ghost-writing, co-authoring and collaborating
19. Editing
20. Online Conferences and workshops for writers

The files will be available for FREE download during the event and also featured in the Official PROMO DAY book which will be available to purchase during and after the event. If anyone has any other topics they think should be covered in the DOWNLOADS section please feel free to send me a file. DEADLINE for submissions is 1st April 2009.

Files should be sent to with 'free download' in the subject line. Files should be in word or pdf format and include an author bio.

Copyright remains with the author.
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Jo Linsdell

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