#PromoDay2018 will take place on Saturday 5th May 2018.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Only one day to go!


The main action on PROMO DAY is divided into two main areas; the LIVE workshop chatroom and the forums.

The workshops

Navigate to the WORKSHOP chatroom. As you scroll down you will see a large yellow box with a little white box in the centre. This is the chatroom. To enter just type your name in the little white box. If asked, enter without password.

All workshops are written.

No registration is necessary. Just turn up and join in.

N.B. You will need JAVA software on your computer for the chatroom to work. You can download it for free from

Workshop Schedule






Jo Linsdell

Social Media

Molly Swoboda


Sandy Lender

Virtual Tours

Jo Linsdell


Reno Lovison

Video Trailers

William Bike


Karina Fabian

Making Promotional Materials

Jo Linsdell


Gina Alzate

Divine Empowerment

Jo Linsdell


Lillian Cauldwell

Interviews and Internet Radio

Penny Ehrenkranz


Janet Elaine Smith

Turning work into fun (marketing)

Ron Berry


Joyce Anthony


Penny Ehrenkranz

The forums

Make sure you drop by the forums and take advantage of all the opportunities to promote your writing/services during the day and mingle with other members of the writing industry.

The event will be attended by a mixture of authors, freelance writers, publishers, editors, illustrators, virtual assistants, web designs and many more... All of which are invited to promote their products and services.

There are also sections where you can post your writing samples, video trailers etc...

To sign into the forums you will need to insert the password promo1 and register. This is a simple and free process that only takes a few minutes.

Once entered you will be able to set up your own profile (add photo, website url etc...) and post to the various sections.

Should you experience problems at any point, please email using this address.

The Bookstore

Visit the on site bookstore for a selection of great titles. Various genres.

PROMO DAY 2010 is proudly sponsored by:

I look forward to seeing you there!

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