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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Forum Workshop with Joyce Lavene

Joyce Lavene will be presenting an all day workshop in the forums at this years event.

Brief outline of what the workshop will cover:
Selling, writing, and promoting series mysteries, fantasies, etc. is different and can be more difficult than writing stand-alone books. It might seem as though it begins with the contract and how many books you think you can write and promote in a year. How often should the books come out? How will you be paid for them? But it starts when you first determine the books will be a series. How do you give enough information without giving away the plots, future and past? How many characters does it take to write a continuing series? Is your idea big enough to be more than one book? What publishers are looking for series books? And when it comes to promotion, how can you keep your readers interested and continuing to buy your series?

Joyce Lavene writes with her husband/partner, Jim. Together they have written and published more than 50 books.. They have written mystery, fantasy and science fiction series in the last 12 years. They currently write two mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime – Missing Pieces Mysteries and Renaissance Faire Mysteries. They live in North Carolina with their family. Their website is Joyce blogs at .
They also continue to write for their hometown newspaper, .
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