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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How can I connect with PROMO DAY attendees before, during and after the event?

Promo Day gives members of the writing industry the opportunity to promote their work and services, learn from industry experts on a variety of topics and grow their networks. With so much on offer Saturday 19th May is going to be a busy day!

To get the most out of the event and everything on offer it's best to branch out before the event and start networking with other participants. This way you'll already be in touch via your social media sites making it easy to continue during and after the event. After all sending that follow up message will be quicker and easier if you're already on each others 'friend' lists.


By using the hashtag #PD12 to talk about the event you can join in the global conversation. You can follow @promodayevent on Twitter. 


Via the PROMO DAY Facebook page Drop by and click LIKE.


You can also connect here via the official Promo Day blog by leaving comments on posts.
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