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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Interview with #PD14 Presenter Gina Alzate

Yesterday I interviewed #PD14 presenter +Gina Alzate in a Facebook Wall Chat where we chatted about her experience with internet radio and her presentation at this years event. If you missed the live event you can check it out here:

"There is a segment of the population who are auditory, meaning their style of communicating is through verbal means. They retain information more when they hear it as well as they could sense whether or not they vibe with the speaker. 
So, authors would be able to reach auditory-focused audience through Internet Radio. It is also podcasted and this allows for people who cannot attend live to also be able to listen in their own time. Podcasts could also be downloaded which makes it easier for listeners to take the broadcast with them."  
Gina Alzate
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