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Monday, 25 May 2015

#PD15 Webinar: How Reviews help Build Your Brand with Brandy Potter

#PD15 Webinar: How Reviews help Build Your Brand with Brandy Potter. Register now at

Brandy Potter

Presentation title: 
How Reviews help Build Your Brand

Presentation outline:
1.    Define the review process – Magazine/critic reviews vs customer reviews.
2.    Discuss Amazon Sales and Goodreads rating systems
3. Identify books and authors who’s books benefited from ratings and reviews

Presenter Bio:
Brandy Potter lives in Maryland with her daughter and pets. She has been writing since she was 9 years old. Currently in development are a crime novel, a mafia story, a screenplay and another semi-autobiographical story. Plus Venomous Lives

Brandy works in various genres including Sci-Fi Fantasy, Crime, and many others. She says she is not genre driven but rather she is character or story driven. She finds her stories come to her in many ways.

Her character development focuses on the psychology of the everyday person, fictionalized visions of the everyday people overcoming their conflicts. She likes strong female leads but maintains that they are strong in different ways. She also shies away from the industry pre-packaged protagonists. Her fans say that her characters are so developed that they often have a hard time letting them go and are always routing for a sequel.

Her writing influences consist of David Eddings, Jane Austin, Rudyard Kipling, J.R.R. Tolkein, Nora Roberts and Steven King. Brandy is an avid reader who prefers printed books to e-readers because, "There is nothing like the smell and the feel of a book. 

Connect with Brandy:

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