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Thursday, 25 February 2016

ASJ Publishing to Take Pitches During #PromoDay2016

ASJ Publishing to Take Pitches During #PromoDay2016

ASJ Publishing has confirmed that they will be taking pitches during the Promo Day 2016 event on Saturday 14th May.

Genres they will be accepting:

Young Adult Fiction, Business Books, Cookbooks, How-To, Christian Fiction/Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi, Poetry & Inspirational, *Audiobooks (in same categories).

Not accepting: Children's books, Romance, Erotica.
Authors are to include in their pitch:

- Synopsis
- Background - Working Title - Word Count
- Detailed Marketing Plans (Generic Marketing Plans will not be considered)

*Audiobooks must be in the format compatible for upload to our distribution network.

Author must not be previously published.

For more information about them please visit their website at
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