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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Cedar Loft Publishing Marketing Strategies

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Cedar Loft Publishing Marketing Strategies #PromoDay2016

As you’re probably aware, we are a small press working as a traditional book publisher. We have been in business for three years and are just now getting known in the book world. Our marketing team is working to attract retail book stores to stock our books and this is looking very promising. We are currently in the process of applying to Barnes and Noble and hope to soon have a working relationship with them. We will also be looking into Books a Million along with several independent book stores in various locations. This takes time but we are now in a position with our business to work with these stores.

We are working with a marketing consultant to enhance our marketing strategies and develop our approaches to the book stores. In addition, we are creating a company blog where we will feature our authors and their books along with writer tips.

We will be attending book fairs in future so all our books will get exposure at those.

We list books in the Library of Congress Online Catalog so they are available to libraries and schools. Our books are also listed in Books in Print.

As soon as a book is released, it will be made available to most online books stores and will be displayed on their web sites. It will also be available for order at retail bricks and mortar book stores whether or not they stock it.

Our books will also be listed on our Facebook business page, Twitter, and in our catalog on our web site.

We expect our authors to market their books and we have marketing packages available for authors to purchase.
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