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PROMO DAY 2010 will be held on Saturday 15th May.

Please feel free to post this count down widget to your sites as a reminder to both yourself and your readers.

PROMO DAY 2009 a huge success

With 1364 visitors during the event, PROMO DAY 2009 was a huge success.

Thanks goes to all the workshop presenters and moderators for their hard work. The workshops were a great source of information and fun to take part in.

A special thanks goes to Molly Swodoba for stepping in at the last minute to present about blogging. She ticked off the workshops in style, giving valuable information in a professional but fun manner.

I would also like to say a special thanks Tannia Ortiz Lopez and Elysabeth Eldering for their additional help moderating the workshops.

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PROMO DAY tomorrow!

PROMO DAY 2009 takes place tomorrow at

Remember it's FREE to attend and no registration is necessary. All you have to do is go to the site and join in the fun.

FREE online workshops start at 14:00 CET and cover a variety of great topics. Each one lasts one hour. Just log into the workshop chatroom when the workshop is due to start.

The PROMO chatroom will be open all day. Feel free to log in and join in the action. You can promote your writing, services, books etc..., network with others from the industry and chat with avid readers. Share your tips and advice. Give feedback on the video trailers and samples posted to the site.

All that promoting and information overwhelming you? Then go to the take a break page and play around.

The downloads section will be full of great files available to be downloaded FREE of charge. Get your copies so you can refer to them later. They're pakced full of fantastic tips and advice!


Moderator: Dawn Menge

Dawn Menge will be moderating the 18:00 and 21:00 workshops

Dawn Menge has a Masters Degree and clear credential in Special Education. She has worked with the severely handicapped population for eleven years. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She combines imagination with practical skills to make learning fun. Dawn used her experiences within her life to create Queen Vernita's characters and her kingdom. Queen Vernita's Visitors is a story that is woven around Dawn's friends and family.

Moderator: Jay Miller

Jay Miller will be moderating the 22:00 and 23:00 CET workshops

Jay Miller is an inspirational writer of children literature. Currently, his 3 books, “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear”, “Sal and Sally”, and “Opal, Herby and Squeaky” from the *All God’s Critters Series* are producing rave comments and 5-star official reviews from all his fans and followers.

Being a grandpa, with a heart of gold and unlimited determination, Jay is on a mission to spread God’s word in an enjoyable way to young children. Through the articulate illustrations and inspirational words from each page, Jay cannot help but smile knowing that Ten percent of all his royalties go to the Grace for Children Foundation Inc. to support needy children as he is the founder of the newly formed “Rock the Babies” Foundation.

To learn more about Jay Miller, please view his site at:, where you will be able to read author interviews, official book reviews, story summaries, and view videos on each told tale.

Moderator: Molly Swoboda

Molly Swoboda will be moderating the 17:00 workshop.

Jo said, "Give me a bio." Well, okay, but publishing "The Diary Of A Mad Cartoon Woman" is more history than bio. Almost 60 years of bouncing around in this fleshy system wrecked total havoc on my sanity, so I took up the ol' whisk broom and not-so-calmly dispensed with what was left of it. I was meant to be a cartoon. It's my right to self-actualization, thank you. Yes. I channel dead serial killers among other colorful souls on the flip side of the veil. Yes. I have a staff comprised totally of furred, feathered, and armored skinned folks. Yes. I write about compulsions, diversions, excursions, and magic. High roads and low. Paths less traveled. Abysses to avoid and great planks to walk. I don't expect my Dear Readers to be quiet, passive, lame, or polite. Lemme take you to your passions, stir 'em up a little, and you throw 'em back my way for more. Go ahead. Make my day....

Moderator: Tannia E Ortiz-Lopés

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés will be moderating the 15:00 CET and 16:00 CET workshops

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés is a writer by profession, a mother by choice, and a wife by the covenant of marriage. She was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and currently lives in Germany with her husband and two sons. On 2004, she published her first free-style inspirational poetry book, The Window to my soul, My Walk with Jesus (Tate Publishing) under the pen name of Mary Magdalene. In March 2006, the book was voted “Best Poetry Book” by The book could be purchased directly from the publisher at and at all major online stores.

Visit the author at:, and

Moderator: Frances Shani Parker

Frances Shani Parker will be moderating the 14:00 CET workshop.


Frances Shani Parker is an award-winning writer, consultant, and former school principal. A hospice volunteer for many years, she is author of nationally endorsed “Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes.” With stories, poems, and general information, she presents a captivating account of her hospice volunteer experiences in Detroit nursing homes and her insights on healthcare, caregiving, death, and bereavement. Her website is

Website Link:

Blog Link:

Sponsor - Linda Ballou

This years event is Sponsored by author and travel writer Linda Ballou.


A love triangle of extremes has proven to be a solid base for my writing. From my roots in Alaska I receive strength, solitude, centeredness and respect for the awful power of nature. My short story Raindrop People and numerous adventure articles including my most recent “Raven Brings the Sun” about my float down the Tatshenshini River take place in my homeland. In Hawaii I found nurturing, a spiritual awakening, sensuality, peace and my heroine for my historical fiction, Wai-nani—High Chiefess of Hawaii. In proud California I obtained a degree in English Literature from Northridge University and a doctorate in urban savvy. I continue to enjoy opportunities here for intellectual stimulation, exciting contacts and friends. It makes a great base for exploits that I will share in my travel collection Lost Angel Walkabout.

Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawaii; Her Epic Journey

Through the eyes of high chiefess, Wai-nani, experience the Hawaiian society as it existed when Captain James Cook arrived at Kealakekua Bay in 1779; ride the billowing seas with Eku, the wild dolphin she befriends; learn why she loved the ruthless, conflicted ruler, Makaha; walk with her as she defies ancient laws and harsh taboos of the Island people; share the love she received from all who knew her and learn how she rose to become the most powerful woman in old Hawai’i.


ISBN13: 978-1-932993-88-2


Cover Art Design: TC McMullen

Ever dream of getting great trips for free?
Adventure Travel Writer, Linda Ballou, invites you to for a free download
"How To Make Travel Writing Work For You"

Workshops and moderators

Workshops taking place during PROMO DAY 2009:

Times are shown in Central European Time.

Lael Johnson - Blogging and Journaling. Moderator Frances Shani Parker
15:00 John Evans - The Age of Networking: Tips and Tricks to Survive in Today's information Age. Moderator Tannia Ortiz Lopez
16:00 Karina Fabian - Marketing for Beginners. Moderator Tannia Ortiz Lopez
17:00 John Desjarlais - Finding an Agent. Moderator Molly Swoboda
18:00 Carolyn Howard Johnson - Query Letters as Promotion: Let's Make Them Picture Perfect! Moderator Dawn Menge
19:00 Elysabeth Eldering- Hosting Authors on Virtual Book Tours. Moderator Jo Linsdell
20:00 Joyce Anthony - Promoting with Twitter. Moderator Jo Linsdell
21:00 Ron Berry - Character websites. Moderator Dawn Menge
22:00 Devon Ellington - Creating and maintaining a successful writer's blog. Moderator Jay Miller
23:00 Carol Denbow - Technical Aspects. Moderator Jay Miller

On site Bookstore

On the PROMO DAY site you will find an on site Bookstore featuring a variety of books by the PROMO DAY crew.

The bookstore lists books by the PROMO DAY workshop presenters, moderators, sponsor and organiser.

From Saturday 9th May you will also be able to purchase your copy of the official PROMO DAY book here.

Drop by the bookstore and take a look.

Samples Page

Samples Page- Your chance to show off you writing skills and maybe catch a new paying assignment or book deal whilst your at it!

Send a sample of your writing (can be an article, a poem, a chapter from your book, etc...) in word or pdf format to before 20th April 2009. Please make sure you include copyright information.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to show the world your talents!

WH- Lael Johnson

Workshop Title: Blogging and Journaling
Time: 14:00 CET

Lael Johnson is the owner of Writer's Eye Advisory Service and Creations Beadwork. She has a varied background in history, marketing management, psychology, community service and facilities management. She is also a trained creativity coach, writer and beader. She believes in celebrating creativity wherever she discovers it. She helps women identify and develop their creative skills.including to learn new creative skills each year.
For more information visit: you may email her at:

Ten Fun Journal Writing Techniques
Your colorful and fun journal writing guide!

WH- John Evans

Workshop Title: The Age of Networking: Tips and Tricks to Survive in Today's Information Age

Time: 15:00 CET

Bio: Author John Evans was born in 1985 in the small town of Tooele, Utah. From there he spent much of his life moving from place to place, often not staying in one location for more than a few months. Evans has gone on to write one novel, and several short stories. His most recent project includes a second novel entitled “The Ascension”, and serves as a sequel to “The Fallen”, his first published novel. Evans currently resides in Hilo, Hawaii where he attends college pursuing a degree in Information Technology.


• Opening Remarks

• What is Social Networking?

• Brief History on How Social Networking was Started

• Why is Social Networking important?

• How does Social Networking help Promote an Author’s Work?

• FREE Promotional Tools for Social Networking

• Designing the “Perfect” Profile

• Building Your Fanbase

• Concluding Remarks

• Open Q&A

WH- Karina Fabian

Workshop Title:Marketing for Beginners
Time:16:00 CET

Workshop outline:

In "Marketing Basics," Karina will offer advice for seeking and reaching your target audience and getting them interested in your book—and you. We'll explore the things every author should do and ways to make your efforts more effective. This will be mainly a Q&A session on the basic steps of promoting, so bring your questions.

General Websites, where you'll find info about her, her writing and her eclectic writing/homeschooling/humor/just-gotta-say-it blog, where you can learn more about the fantasy noir dragon detective Vern, his partner Sister Grace, and the world of Dragon Eye, PI., where she'll gladly advertise your book if you'll return the favor to someone else
Anthology Websites: Infinite Space, Infinite God--thought-provoking science fiction with a Catholic Twist Leaps of Faith--Christian sci-fi because God and Science Do Co-Exist Firestorm of Dragons--dragons as you've never seen them before.

After having been a straight-A student, Karina Fabian has made a career of Fs: Family, Faith, Fiction and Fun.

Karina's writing career began with writing about parenting issues, the Catholic faith, and artists and community leaders. She's written for over 50 publications, including newspapers, magazines of all sizes and radio.

She doesn't just write about family, but with her family. She wrote three craft books for a EcceHomo Press by using her kids to test, create and model the crafts. She and her husband, Robert, write science fiction stories while on dates.

In 2005, she turned her attention totally to fiction. With Rob, she has edited the Christian SF anthology, Leaps of Faith, (coming 2008) and Infinite Space, Infinite God, an award-winning SF anthology with Catholic themes (2007 twilight Times Books)

Her latest fantasy adventure, DragonEye, PI, features a down-and-out dragon working off a geas by the Faerie St. George. Vern d'Wyvern (yes, it's an embarrassing name for a dragon) is partnered by Sister Grace, a Mage for the Faerie Catholic Church. Together they solve crimes magical and Mundane and save the universes on an all-too-regular basis. DragonEye, PI, stories appear in magazines and on the Internet, and its first book, "Magic, Mensa and Mayhem" comes out from Swimming Kangaroo in early 2009.

In addition to juggling the stories from at least three different universes, Karina is President of the Catholic Writers' Guild, owner of Catholic Writers Online, and active in a half-dozen or more groups. She also teaches writing seminars on-line. With four kids, five pets and a very understanding husband who is an officer in the Air Force, she tends to sleep in her "spare" time.

WH- Carol Denbow


Carol Denbow is the author of 5 non-fiction books and co-contributer to another as well as the editor of 9 writers Websites. Carol loves to write and share information with other writers and published authors. In addition, she is a retired business owner, farmer, mom of two, and step-mom of two additional grown kids.
Carol's books include:

A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story (2008)
Stress Relief for the Working Stiff (2008)
Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss? (2006)
How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour (ebook 2008)
and coming this spring, 100 Ways to Market Your Book for Free (or really cheap)

Workshop Title: Technical Aspects
Time: 23:00 CET

WH- Joyce Anthony


Joyce A. Anthony is a Pennsylvania-born writer who shares her home with a teenaged son and mini-zoo. Writing is just one of her many passions. Others include her work as an advocate for animal rights and work in the field of both Asperger's and bipolar disorder.

Visit for more information on Storm. Meet the characters and read the reviews.

Synopsis of Storm:

What do a prostitute, an abused child, a disillusioned minister, a Vietnam Vet and a homosexual have in common? These and many others find their lives changed when they meet Storm and his companion, an amethyst-eyed dog named Maggie. As you follow Storm on his journey to discover his true identity, you will meet many of society's forgotten people. You will laugh, cry and get angry-whatever the emotion, you will feel deeply. When Storm realizes who he is and why he is here, the world is completely changed and not one soul remains untouched. Upon closing the covers of this book, you will see the world around you in a far different light and find yourself wondering--Is it really fiction?

What they are saying:

"it is the greatest true story ever retold before it comes true. Plan on a few hours of uninterrupted trance-like reading, you won't want to do anything else except keep turning the pages once you've started. Get ready to examine yourself, our society, and our world as it relates to its creator. There are many sad truths in this book. But in the end, the truth will set you free.

Contact a book store near you

ISBN 13 9781932993745

Amazon link:

Workshop Details

Topic: Promoting with Twitter
Time: 8pm CET

The workshop will cover:
*What is Twitter and why you want to sign up
*How to effectively gain followers
*How to best network/promote with Twitter
*Useful tools
*Questions/answer session

WH- Elysabeth Eldering


With a childhood spent traveling the globe, it's no wonder that writer Elysabeth Eldering has a passion for geography! Growing up in a military family, Elysabeth lived in Japan, Germany, New York, Kentucky, and Texas before her family finally settled in a small town in South Carolina. Elysabeth, who lives in Honea Path, SC, has put her globetrotting skills to work in the Junior Geography Detective Squad's 50-state, mystery, trivia series.

Published by 4RV Publishing, the series made its debut in summer 2008 with State of Wilderness. The Junior Geography Detective Squad will continue to put their mystery-solving talents to work in each state to challenge young readers on their knowledge of the nation's geography and interesting facts. State of Quarries is next in the line-up.

The mother of three - an adult son and a teen-aged son and daughter - juggles a schedule that includes volunteering with her children's school activities, including the marching band and band competitions. An avid pet lover, Elysabeth is caretaker for the family's three dogs. She's active in the Greenville chapters of Sisters in Crime and the SC Writers Workshop and has judged entries for the Derringers Awards competition.

Elysabeth entered her first writing contest on a dare from a friend. Since then, the prize-winning writer has received awards from Armchair Interviews and Echelon Press. Her most recent story, “Bride and Seek,” was published in the SC Writers Workshop anthology The Petigru Review and is available on She has an article on editing and self publishing, also with Armchair Interviews.

To learn more about the Junior Geography Detective Squad, visit and

Special orders (for schools and homeschoolers) should contact either the author or publisher with subject line: Special orders - JGDS series
Contact the author at
Contact the publisher at


Title: Hosting Authors on Virtual Book Tours:

- Embarking on your Virtual Book Tour - how to find hosts and who makes the best hosts
- What is required from touring author
(the guest blogger has the hardest job but can make virtual book tours a success if they prepare in advance)
- What is expected from host
(hosts have it easy but also need to be active participants in promoting the guest blogger)
- How to ensure a successful blog tour
(hosts and guests working together can make sure that the whole networking idea comes together)
- Wrapping up
(keeping everyone informed of the whole tour and enticing readers to follow you on future tours)

This workshop will take place at 19:00 CET

WH- Carolyn Howard Johnson

Workshop Title: Query Letters as Promotion: Let's Make Them Picture Perfect!
Time: 18:00 CET


Carolyn Howard-Johnson will be speaking on Query Letters as Promotion: Let's Make Them Picture-Perfect! on PromoDay at 9 am. Pacific Time. Her first novel, This Is the Place, won eight awards. Her second book, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered, creative nonfiction, won three. Her chapbook of poetry Tracings, was named to the Compulsive Reader's Ten Best Reads list and was given the Military Writers' Society of America's Silver Award of Excellence. An instructor for UCLA Extension's world-renown Writers' Program, her book The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't is recommended reading for her classes, and was named USA Book News' "Best Professional Book 2004." It is also an Irwin Award winner. Her second book in the How To Do It Frugally series is The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success is also a USA Book News award-winner as well as the winner of the Reader View's Literary Award in the publishing category. She is the recipient of both the California Legislature's Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment Award and the Glendale American Business Women's Association's Woman of the Year award. Her community's Character and Ethics Committee honored her for promoting tolerance with her writing. She was also named to Pasadena Weekly's list of 14 "San Gabriel Valley women who make life happen." She is a popular speaker and actor. Her website is And, yes, she credits much of her publishing success with writing query letters that work!

WH- John Desjarlais

John Desjarlais will be giving a workshop during PROMO DAY about Finding an Agent.

The workshop will cover:

Who needs an agent
Where to find (and how to read) agent listings
AAR and non-AAR agents
Fee-charging and non fee-charging agents
Writing the agent query
Meeting agents at conferences
Questions to ask an agent when you get an offer
What an agent will - and won't - do for you
Agents and promotion


A former producer with Wisconsin Public Radio, John teaches journalism and English at Kishwaukee College in northern Illinois. His first novel, The Throne of Tara (Crossway 1990), was a Christianity Today Readers Choice Award nominee, and his second historical novel, Relics (Thomas Nelson 1993) was a Doubleday Book Club Selection. Bleeder (Sophia Institute Press, forthcoming August 2009) is his first mystery. His work has appeared in periodicals such as Student Leadership Journal, U Magazine, The Critic, On Being, Student Soul, Apocalypse, The Upper Room, The New Pantagruel, The Karitos Review and The Rockford Review. He took Honorable Mention in the 1997 Writers Digest Competition (essay), 2nd Place in Fiction in the 2004 Phidian Art Society of Illinois Contest and 1st Place in 2006. He holds an MA in Media from Columbia University and an MA in Writing from Illinois State University. A member of The Catholic Writers Guild, The Academy of American Poets and Mystery Writers of America, he is listed in Contemporary Authors, Who's Who in Entertainment, and Who's Who Among America's Teachers.

Workshops taking place during PROMO DAY 2009

Workshops taking place during PROMO DAY 2009:

Times are shown in Central European Time.

14:00 Lael Johnson - Blogging and Journaling
15:00 John Evans - The Age of Networking: Tips and Tricks to Survive in Today's information Age
16:00 Karina Fabian - Marketing for Beginners
17:00 John Desjarlais - Finding an Agent
18:00 Carolyn Howard Johnson - Query Letters as Promotion: Let's Make Them Picture Perfect!
19:00 Elysabeth Eldering- Hosting Authors on Virtual Book Tours
20:00 Joyce Anthony - Promoting with Twitter
21:00 Ron Berry - Character websites
22:00 Devon Ellington - Creating and maintaining a successful writer's blog.
23:00 Carol Denbow - Technical Aspects
TBC Lea Schizas - What editors look for and how writers can spruce their writing

*TBC - Time to be confirmed


What is PROMO DAY?
PROMO DAY is a FREE online international event for people in the writing industry. A whole day dedicated to promoting, networking and learning.

When is PROMO DAY?
This years event takes place on Saturday 9th May 2009.

Where does PROMO DAY take place?

Who can take part in PROMO DAY?
Everyone! Avid readers, writers, authors, publishers, editors, graphic designers, virtual assistants etc… Anyone with an interest in books and writing, from anywhere in the world.

What features are available on site?
The site is packed full of opportunities for authors to promote their books. They can post a video trailer and writing sample and promote in the on site PROMO chatroom.

The sample page is also great for writers to show off their skills and maybe get a book deal or a paid writing assignment.

The useful links page is full great sites with information and resources for people in the writing industry.

The downloads page will be packed full of files containing useful information, tips and advice on a variety of subjects. These will be available for FREE download during the event.

A new feature for this year is the Radio and Podcasts page which features some great shows for writers.

Another fantastic new feature is the FREE on site workshops taking place during the event. They are presented by guest hosts who are experts from the industry and cover a variety of topics. This is a great way to learn more about the industry.

There is also an on site bookstore where people can purchase books written by the events, sponsor, workshops hosts and moderators.

The event takes place in CET time. How can I check the workshop times listed with other international times?
Simple, just go to the time difference page of the website and insert your time zone into the converter.

Review of PROMO DAY by Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés

Promo Day!, created by Jo Linsdell, is becoming one of the hottest spots for authors and writers from around the world to gather together for a day to talk about their latest projects, their books, and other topics of common interest. It is a day of camaraderie for all friends and an opportunity to meet new authors, too.

I have attended two Promo Day and I am looking forward to the next one. Promo Day 2006 provided the authors and visitors with the opportunity to sample some author’s writings. This new feature allowed us to take a look inside an author’s work and gave us the opportunity to give some feedback about the piece while chatting with the author.

I promoted PROMO DAY at several yahoo groups I belong to because I believe in the quality of work of Jo Linsdell.

Jo Linsdell is a young, brilliant, and dynamic author whose new and innovative ideas are helping to shape the way to promote new authors and give them an opportunity to be in the spotlight as new authors pursue ways of writing exposure, marketing, and networking.

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés is a writer by profession, a mother by choice, and a wife by the covenant of marriage. She was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and currently lives in Germany with her husband and two sons. On 2004, she published her first free-style inspirational poetry book, The Window to my soul, My Walk with Jesus (Tate Publishing) under the pen name of Mary Magdalene. In March 2006, the book was voted “Best Poetry Book” by The book could be purchased directly from the publisher at and at all major online stores.

Visit the author at:, and

Comments about past events

Debra L. Butterfield
Web site URL:
Comments: Really enjoyed Promo Day. It was great chatting with other authors and meeting new people. I look forward to your next Promo Day. Thanks!

Lea Schizas
Web site URL:
Comments: I had a blast today, Jo, and met some wonderful people. It's fun to learn about everyone's writing process and what their upcoming projects are. Thank you for hosting this and looking forward to the next one. Lea Schizas Award-winning Author/Editor

Grace Bridges
Web site URL:
Comments: Great fun! I look forward to the next one

Name: James R. Tate
Web site URL:
Comments: Thanks for another resource for an aspiring author

Hal Manogue
Web site URL:
Comments: Hi Jo, I enjoyed Promo day. Thanks for the opportunity to meet new friends. Hal

Web site URL:
Comments: Today I had an awesome time during Promo Day. I got to meet other writers, read about their work, check out their website, and shared our areas of expertise. The conversation were very cordial and professional. Definetely a must do again! I look forward to the next one. Jo, you did an extraordinary job. I pray God bless you with health and keep you doing what you enjoy doing... May the peace of Christ be always with you, from far away in Germany, TANNIA author of The window to my soul; My walk with Jesus Voted 2006 Best Poetry Book by

Diane the other
Web site URL: None
Comments: Wonderful idea, Jo. More nervethan I've got to host a promo, but I mainly write reviews. LOL

Tammy Powley
Web site URL:
Comments: Thanks for running Promo Day, Jo!

Elaine Cantrell
Web site URL:
Comments: I had a thoroughly enjoyable hour with you. Thanks for the opportunity.

Paul McDermott
Web site URL:
Comments: Great PROMO event, lots of new points of contact .... hope to be back frequently!

Susan Watkin
Web site URL:
Comments: Jo A great idea! I hope the promo day produced some new customers for us all. Thank you Susan

Master Blackwhip
Web site URL:
Comments: Thanks to Jo for having given to me the chance to speak abount my book :) Jo, you have done a very good job. Great!

Sponsor - Linda Ballou - Book review

Reviewed by Yolanda Renee
by Linda Ballou

WAI-NANI -- HIGH CHIEFESS OF HAWAI’I HER EPIC JOURNEY is a beautifully written epic about a strong independent woman. It is a history lesson written with care and heart about a remarkable people during an amazing time. The Queen Ka’ahumanu, the favorite wife of Kamehameha the Great, inspired Wai-nani’s character.

Linda has caught the beauty, mystery, and heart of the Hawaiian culture. I found this book both educational, and inspirational: a seductive journey through time and to a place of great majesty and history. A must read for all those who enjoy romance and history.

Sponsor - Linda Ballou - Book review

Reviewed by Joyce Anthony - Author of Storm

Wai-Nani is like no other book I have ever read. Linda Ballou is a master of language, pulling the reader in and evoking emotions hidden deep within. Her imagery will tickle your senses, allowing you to feel the story more than merely reading.

Passionate and primal, Wai-Nani transports you to the early days of Hawaii, where warriors ruled and women were expected to know their place.

Wai-Nani refuses to be bound by the shackles of society and follows her heart--finding a destiny beyond her wildest dreams. Follow her--no, join her--on this incredible journey.

Go To for autographed copies shipped FREE anywhere in the world. free! Available on , or you can order it at your local book store

Samples Page - Have you submitted yours yet?

If you would like to submit a sample of your writing (could be from one of your books or an article you've written) please send it to with 'sample' in the subject line. Samples should be in word or PDF format. Please remember to include a copyright page.

Samples will be posted to the site during the first week of May 2009. This is to allow enough time for everyone to read them and therefore be able to give constructive feedback to the writers.

If you work as a freelance writer this is a great opportunity to show off your talent and maybe capture the interest of a magazine editor.

If it's a sample from your book this is a great opportunity to get readers attention and hook them on your story (leading to more book sales :)) or in the case of unpublished pieces, capture the interest of publisher and maybe get signed for that book deal...

Make sure you add a copyright page to your file. Although I would hope that everyone taking part in PROMO DAY is an honest individual, it's better safe than sorry ;)

Sponsor - Linda Ballou - Travel Writer

Ever dream of getting great trips for free?
Adventure Travel Writer, Linda Ballou, invites you to for a free download
"How To Make Travel Writing Work For You"

The Bookstore

Visit the PROMO DAY Bookstore and check out the books now available by the workshops hosts, moderators and sponsors of this years event.

A wide selection of genres. Something for everyone.

Sponsor - Linda Ballou - Book review

Wai-nani: Voice from Ancient Hawaii
A review by Barbara Sharp Milbourn

Travel writer and photographer Linda Ballou delivers a generous slice of Hawaiian history with details of land and sea so vivid, it is almost better than being there.

Wai-nani: Voice from Ancient Hawaii is a meticulously researched account of the Hawaiian Islands around the time of Captain James Cook. The major theme of the novel is the dismantling of the social hierarchal system based on kapu (taboo) that had been brought to the Islands by the Tahitians years before. But what a story!
Meet Wai-nani whose character is based on Ka'ahumanu, favorite wife of Kamehameha the Great, unifier of the Hawaiian Islands around 1810. She is a young woman of royal descent so at home in the sea that she thinks of herself as half sea creature. Her comfort in the water is juxtaposed to her conflict on land, particularly her resistance to the kapu system. We accompany her as she leaves home and meets Makaha (Kamehameha) two hundred years ago when chiefs in feathered capes and tattooed warriors battled for island dominion, priests read the future in pig entrails, men and women ate in separate houses, and human sacrifices were commonplace. We know her and her people, and we connect to place through stunning details of mamo birds, koa trees, 'ie'ie flowers, and taro fields. We drink the bitter 'awa, trek up steep palis, peer into smoking volcanoes, and wave slide bearded monsters.
Much changed with the arrival of Captain Cook, the death of Kamehameha, and the pressure brought to bear on the system. But some things are eternal—love, the circle of life, and the grand and vibrant sea.
The author’s reverence for the land and its people inhabits her words. Linda Ballou is a new voice from ancient Hawaii.

Barbara Sharp Milbourn is a writer and editor living in Nashville.

Moderators needed

I still need moderators to help out on Saturday 9th May 2009. If you can offer at least an hour of your time please email me at with the time(s) you will be available.

There is a time converter on the PROMO DAY site if you need it.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Cover art design

Although there was an inital interest in the design the cover art for the official PROMO DAY book contest nobody actual sent me any designs and therefore I will now be selecting the designer instead of having the cover art voted on.

As this is the first year PROMO DAY has an official book, maybe future events will get a bigger response from designers.

Video trailers

Have you submitted your video trailer?

Just as a film trailer captures the interest of the audience and helps cinema and DVD sales, book trailers give a taste of what your book is about and help generate interest.
You can have one made professionally or make one yourself using a programme like windows movie maker.

You can have your trailer posted to the PROMO DAY site for FREE. All you have to do is send me the embed code to


The names of this years presenters and the topics of the workshops are now online at the PROMO DAY site.

Times will be confirmed and posted to the site this month.

Remember, the workshops are FREE!

The presenters really know their stuff and have loads of great tips and advice to share. With the range of topics to be covered, there's something for everyone!

Sponsor - Linda Ballou

Author and travel writer Linda Ballou is the official sponsor for this years event. Let's get to know her better..

Larry M.: I just loved Wai-nani. In every chapter I could see your research and your exploration of years you wrote about. I loved her and loved Eku and family. I found when I put it down I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Great Job!

Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawaii: Her Epic Journey is a novel of awesome beauty and power. It is a moving saga about people, relationships, and the boundaries of love. Linda Ballou’s powerful storytelling talents, her understanding of human nature, and her knowledge of Hawaii folklore, take us on an amazing journey into Hawaii ’s ancient past as she re-creates island life as it truly might have been. Nancy Harlless-Womankind

Go To for autographed copies shipped FREE anywhere in the world. free! Available on , or you can order it at your local book store


Ways you can support PROMO DAY

  1. Post the logo and weblink to your website/blog
  2. write a blog post about the event and the various features on site
  3. host an interview with the organiser (me)
  4. write a review of the event
  5. let your 'friends' on myspace, facebook, ning, and any other networking site know about the event.
  6. offer your time to be a moderator during the event (needed for both the PROMO chatroom and the individual workshops).
  7. Let your publisher, editor, writers site, review site.....know about the event and encourage them to take part (they will be able to find new writers for assignments etc...)
  8. Any other way you can think of to spread the word and get people involved in the event.

Radio and podcast presenters

If you have or know of a great radio show designed for people in the writing industry or avid readers, I want to hear from you!

This is your chance to have FREE pubblicity for your show. Let the hundreds of potential listeners attending PROMO DAY know about it.

Do you have a favourite show that offers great information for writers or gives air time to reading book reviews or interviewing authors and experts from the industry? Those attending PROMO DAY will also be interested in what the show has to offer.

Send me an email to with 'radio show' in the subject line' giving a weblink and some basic information about the show and I'll post it to the PROMO DAY site.

Sites for writers

Anyone with a site for writers will benefit from taking part in PROMO DAY.

Do you have a site that needs writers? PROMO DAY will be full of them!

Whether you need bloggers or freelancers for articles, by taking part in PROMO DAY, you will be able to network with new and experienced writers and maybe find the right person for your job.


PROMO DAY Virtual Tour

PROMO DAY takes palce on Saturday 9th May 2009. During the lead up to PROMO DAY I will be doing a virtual tour to promote the event. If you have a website, blog, myspace account, facebook account or any other type of site that you can post to, you can help make it (and PROMO DAY) a huge success.

The aim of the virtual tour is to let people know about PROMO DAY and how they can be involved. It will highlight the various features on site and spread the word, which will hopefully mean an even bigger turn out on the day.

You can host an interview with yours truely, post your own write up of the event or if you've attended past events, post a review... or any other way you can think of.

If you host a radio show let your listeners know about PROMO DAY.

Feel free to send me any interview questions to with 'virtual tour' in the subject line.

The more people that know about the event, the more people that will take part and the more successful it will be for everyone.


Are you a Publisher? Are you looking for new talented authors to add to your label?

Come to PROMO DAY and get to know hundreds of authors in the PROMO chatroom. Read samples of authors work.

PROMO DAY is an all day event and will be attended by authors from all over the world. Fiction and non-fiction writers, many with manuscripts ready to be sent off to publishing companies, will be taking part and will be researching which publishing companies to query. Make yours stand out. Don't miss this opportunity to sign a future bestseller.


Magazine/ ezine editors

Do you have a fantastic magazine? Are you on the look out for new talent to contribute to your pubblication?

Come to PROMO DAY and meet hundreds of talented writers looking for new assignments.

Promote your magazine/ezine in the PROMO chatroom.

PROMO DAY is a great opportunity for you to network with writers from all over the world. Don't miss out.


Book cover art designer needed

All book cover art designers wishing to have an opportunity to be the designer of the cover for the official PROMO DAY book should send their design ideas to with 'cover art design' in the subject line by 1st March 2009

All entries received will be posted to the site along with the designers information and the design with most votes (as voted by the general public) will be the one used for the book cover.

This is a great opportunity for designers to promote their services and show off their skills to hundreds of authors and publishing companies. An opportunity not to be missed!

Please feel free to contact me by email ( for more information.

Radio and podcasts

Do you host a radio show or podcasts for authors and writers?

Writers are always on the look out for ways to promote their work and learn more about the industry. Let them know about your show and how they can get involved.

Send me the link for your site, along with a brief description of the show and contact details and I'll post it to the PROMO DAY site.

Email: with 'radio' in the subject line.

Call for Moderators

I still need people to be moderators for the event. I will need moderators for each of the workshops as well as for the PROMO Chatroom which will be open all day.

Anyone interested please send me an email to with 'moderator' in the subject line'. Please indicate what times you will be available for.


In order to make PROMO DAY the biggest a best event it can be I need your help. The more people that take part in the event, the bigger the impact it will have for all involved.

It's FREE and open to everyone.

Please promote PROMO DAY on your websites, blogs and radio stations so that others can take part in this fantastic opportunity too.

If anyone would like to interview me about the event please contact me at

What does PROMO DAY offer writers?

PROMO DAY is full of opportunities for writers to promote themselves and their work for FREE.

Writers can:
* take part in the PROMO chatroom discussions
* have the video trailor for their book posted to the site
* submit a sample chapter to the site
* take part in the FREE online workshops on site
* take advantage of the other resources available on site e.g. useful weblinks.

PROMO DAY is a great opportunity for writers to network with others from the industry and learn more about publishing and marketing whilst spreading the word about their own projects.

As an international event, PROMO DAY, also gives the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.

Past events have been attended by editors and publishers looking for new talent. Some writers have also been offered paid assignments following the event.

Website update

The useful websites page has now been updated with new links. The sites listed contain useful information or opportunities for people in the writing industry.

If you know of a great site that is not yet listed, please let me know so I can add it to the list.

What is PROMO DAY?

PROMO DAY is an all day international online event for people in the writing industry to promote, learn and network.

It's FREE to attend and is full of opportunities for writers and other members of the writing industry to promote themselves and their work/services.

The website is

Mark your calendars! Saturday 9th May 2009

Submit your sample chapter

You can submit your sample chapter to be posted to the PROMO DAY site by sending an email to with 'Sample' In the subject line.

Files should be in pdf format.

The file should be displayed as follows:

- Title page (cover art if available)
- Book details (publisher, Copyright, etc...)
- Sample chapter

Submit your video trailor

You can submit your video book trailor to be posted to the PROMO DAY site for FREE by sending the code for it to with 'video trailor' in the subject line.

Workshop host- Ron Berry

Workshop: Character websites

"You’ve written a book. You have the easy part done. It’s time to market, to sell, this grand collection of words. You know it’s fantastic and everybody and their brother wants a copy. But, how do you tell them? You could send postcards to everybody in country, but that can be a mite expensive. Ah, let’s use the latest tool available, the Internet. First, before the book is even out, you develop a blog to generate interest. You may even build a website for you or your book. But to really give potential buyers a true feel for your book, you should have a character website. Ah! I saw a few eyebrows go up and the questioning eyes".

Let’s see if I can cram sixty plus years into a short paragraph. I was born in Iowa. Forty some years later, I took a couple of composition courses in college. Scattered throughout those years I wrote a few short stories. Then around age fifty-nine, I got serious about writing. The writing itself stayed light and humorous. I write kritter stories, math book and general silliness in “Laughs from Corn Country”. I have one serious book,
”It Was in the Tea Leaves”, that deals with abuse. Everything I write, including the book about abuse, is G rated.

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