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Workshop host- Ron Berry

Workshop: Character websites

"You’ve written a book. You have the easy part done. It’s time to market, to sell, this grand collection of words. You know it’s fantastic and everybody and their brother wants a copy. But, how do you tell them? You could send postcards to everybody in country, but that can be a mite expensive. Ah, let’s use the latest tool available, the Internet. First, before the book is even out, you develop a blog to generate interest. You may even build a website for you or your book. But to really give potential buyers a true feel for your book, you should have a character website. Ah! I saw a few eyebrows go up and the questioning eyes".

Let’s see if I can cram sixty plus years into a short paragraph. I was born in Iowa. Forty some years later, I took a couple of composition courses in college. Scattered throughout those years I wrote a few short stories. Then around age fifty-nine, I got serious about writing. The writing itself stayed light and humorous. I write kritter stories, math book and general silliness in “Laughs from Corn Country”. I have one serious book,
”It Was in the Tea Leaves”, that deals with abuse. Everything I write, including the book about abuse, is G rated.

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