Ways you can support PROMO DAY

  1. Post the logo and weblink to your website/blog
  2. write a blog post about the event and the various features on site
  3. host an interview with the organiser (me)
  4. write a review of the event
  5. let your 'friends' on myspace, facebook, ning, and any other networking site know about the event.
  6. offer your time to be a moderator during the event (needed for both the PROMO chatroom and the individual workshops).
  7. Let your publisher, editor, writers site, review site.....know about the event and encourage them to take part (they will be able to find new writers for assignments etc...)
  8. Any other way you can think of to spread the word and get people involved in the event.

Radio and podcast presenters

If you have or know of a great radio show designed for people in the writing industry or avid readers, I want to hear from you!

This is your chance to have FREE pubblicity for your show. Let the hundreds of potential listeners attending PROMO DAY know about it.

Do you have a favourite show that offers great information for writers or gives air time to reading book reviews or interviewing authors and experts from the industry? Those attending PROMO DAY will also be interested in what the show has to offer.

Send me an email to promoday@ymail.com with 'radio show' in the subject line' giving a weblink and some basic information about the show and I'll post it to the PROMO DAY site.

Sites for writers

Anyone with a site for writers will benefit from taking part in PROMO DAY.

Do you have a site that needs writers? PROMO DAY will be full of them!

Whether you need bloggers or freelancers for articles, by taking part in PROMO DAY, you will be able to network with new and experienced writers and maybe find the right person for your job.


PROMO DAY Virtual Tour

PROMO DAY takes palce on Saturday 9th May 2009. During the lead up to PROMO DAY I will be doing a virtual tour to promote the event. If you have a website, blog, myspace account, facebook account or any other type of site that you can post to, you can help make it (and PROMO DAY) a huge success.

The aim of the virtual tour is to let people know about PROMO DAY and how they can be involved. It will highlight the various features on site and spread the word, which will hopefully mean an even bigger turn out on the day.

You can host an interview with yours truely, post your own write up of the event or if you've attended past events, post a review... or any other way you can think of.

If you host a radio show let your listeners know about PROMO DAY.

Feel free to send me any interview questions to promoday@ymail.com with 'virtual tour' in the subject line.

The more people that know about the event, the more people that will take part and the more successful it will be for everyone.


Are you a Publisher? Are you looking for new talented authors to add to your label?

Come to PROMO DAY and get to know hundreds of authors in the PROMO chatroom. Read samples of authors work.

PROMO DAY is an all day event and will be attended by authors from all over the world. Fiction and non-fiction writers, many with manuscripts ready to be sent off to publishing companies, will be taking part and will be researching which publishing companies to query. Make yours stand out. Don't miss this opportunity to sign a future bestseller.


Magazine/ ezine editors

Do you have a fantastic magazine? Are you on the look out for new talent to contribute to your pubblication?

Come to PROMO DAY and meet hundreds of talented writers looking for new assignments.

Promote your magazine/ezine in the PROMO chatroom.

PROMO DAY is a great opportunity for you to network with writers from all over the world. Don't miss out.


Book cover art designer needed

All book cover art designers wishing to have an opportunity to be the designer of the cover for the official PROMO DAY book should send their design ideas to promoday@ymail.com with 'cover art design' in the subject line by 1st March 2009

All entries received will be posted to the site along with the designers information and the design with most votes (as voted by the general public) will be the one used for the book cover.

This is a great opportunity for designers to promote their services and show off their skills to hundreds of authors and publishing companies. An opportunity not to be missed!

Please feel free to contact me by email (promoday@ymail.com) for more information.

Radio and podcasts

Do you host a radio show or podcasts for authors and writers?

Writers are always on the look out for ways to promote their work and learn more about the industry. Let them know about your show and how they can get involved.

Send me the link for your site, along with a brief description of the show and contact details and I'll post it to the PROMO DAY site.

Email: promoday@ymail.com with 'radio' in the subject line.

Call for Moderators

I still need people to be moderators for the event. I will need moderators for each of the workshops as well as for the PROMO Chatroom which will be open all day.

Anyone interested please send me an email to promoday@ymail.com with 'moderator' in the subject line'. Please indicate what times you will be available for.


In order to make PROMO DAY the biggest a best event it can be I need your help. The more people that take part in the event, the bigger the impact it will have for all involved.

It's FREE and open to everyone.

Please promote PROMO DAY on your websites, blogs and radio stations so that others can take part in this fantastic opportunity too.

If anyone would like to interview me about the event please contact me at promoday@ymail.com

What does PROMO DAY offer writers?

PROMO DAY is full of opportunities for writers to promote themselves and their work for FREE.

Writers can:
* take part in the PROMO chatroom discussions
* have the video trailor for their book posted to the site
* submit a sample chapter to the site
* take part in the FREE online workshops on site
* take advantage of the other resources available on site e.g. useful weblinks.

PROMO DAY is a great opportunity for writers to network with others from the industry and learn more about publishing and marketing whilst spreading the word about their own projects.

As an international event, PROMO DAY, also gives the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.

Past events have been attended by editors and publishers looking for new talent. Some writers have also been offered paid assignments following the event.

Website update

The useful websites page has now been updated with new links. The sites listed contain useful information or opportunities for people in the writing industry.

If you know of a great site that is not yet listed, please let me know so I can add it to the list.

What is PROMO DAY?

PROMO DAY is an all day international online event for people in the writing industry to promote, learn and network.

It's FREE to attend and is full of opportunities for writers and other members of the writing industry to promote themselves and their work/services.

The website is http://jolinsdell.tripod.com/promoday

Mark your calendars! Saturday 9th May 2009

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