PROMO DAY Virtual Tour

PROMO DAY takes palce on Saturday 9th May 2009. During the lead up to PROMO DAY I will be doing a virtual tour to promote the event. If you have a website, blog, myspace account, facebook account or any other type of site that you can post to, you can help make it (and PROMO DAY) a huge success.

The aim of the virtual tour is to let people know about PROMO DAY and how they can be involved. It will highlight the various features on site and spread the word, which will hopefully mean an even bigger turn out on the day.

You can host an interview with yours truely, post your own write up of the event or if you've attended past events, post a review... or any other way you can think of.

If you host a radio show let your listeners know about PROMO DAY.

Feel free to send me any interview questions to with 'virtual tour' in the subject line.

The more people that know about the event, the more people that will take part and the more successful it will be for everyone.

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