Samples Page - Have you submitted yours yet?

If you would like to submit a sample of your writing (could be from one of your books or an article you've written) please send it to with 'sample' in the subject line. Samples should be in word or PDF format. Please remember to include a copyright page.

Samples will be posted to the site during the first week of May 2009. This is to allow enough time for everyone to read them and therefore be able to give constructive feedback to the writers.

If you work as a freelance writer this is a great opportunity to show off your talent and maybe capture the interest of a magazine editor.

If it's a sample from your book this is a great opportunity to get readers attention and hook them on your story (leading to more book sales :)) or in the case of unpublished pieces, capture the interest of publisher and maybe get signed for that book deal...

Make sure you add a copyright page to your file. Although I would hope that everyone taking part in PROMO DAY is an honest individual, it's better safe than sorry ;)

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