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Joyce A. Anthony is a Pennsylvania-born writer who shares her home with a teenaged son and mini-zoo. Writing is just one of her many passions. Others include her work as an advocate for animal rights and work in the field of both Asperger's and bipolar disorder.

Visit http://joyceanthony.tripod.com/ for more information on Storm. Meet the characters and read the reviews.

Synopsis of Storm:

What do a prostitute, an abused child, a disillusioned minister, a Vietnam Vet and a homosexual have in common? These and many others find their lives changed when they meet Storm and his companion, an amethyst-eyed dog named Maggie. As you follow Storm on his journey to discover his true identity, you will meet many of society's forgotten people. You will laugh, cry and get angry-whatever the emotion, you will feel deeply. When Storm realizes who he is and why he is here, the world is completely changed and not one soul remains untouched. Upon closing the covers of this book, you will see the world around you in a far different light and find yourself wondering--Is it really fiction?

What they are saying:

"it is the greatest true story ever retold before it comes true. Plan on a few hours of uninterrupted trance-like reading, you won't want to do anything else except keep turning the pages once you've started. Get ready to examine yourself, our society, and our world as it relates to its creator. There are many sad truths in this book. But in the end, the truth will set you free.

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ISBN 13 9781932993745

Amazon link: http://www.storm.2freedom.com/

Workshop Details

Topic: Promoting with Twitter
Time: 8pm CET

The workshop will cover:
*What is Twitter and why you want to sign up
*How to effectively gain followers
*How to best network/promote with Twitter
*Useful tools
*Questions/answer session

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