WH- Karina Fabian

Workshop Title:Marketing for Beginners
Time:16:00 CET

Workshop outline:

In "Marketing Basics," Karina will offer advice for seeking and reaching your target audience and getting them interested in your book—and you. We'll explore the things every author should do and ways to make your efforts more effective. This will be mainly a Q&A session on the basic steps of promoting, so bring your questions.

General Websites

www.fabianspace.com, where you'll find info about her, her writing and her eclectic writing/homeschooling/humor/just-gotta-say-it blog
www.dragoneyepi.net, where you can learn more about the fantasy noir dragon detective Vern, his partner Sister Grace, and the world of Dragon Eye, PI.
www.virtualbooktourdenet.blogspot.com, where she'll gladly advertise your book if you'll return the favor to someone else
Anthology Websites:
www.isigsf.com: Infinite Space, Infinite God--thought-provoking science fiction with a Catholic Twist
www.leapsoffaithsf.com: Leaps of Faith--Christian sci-fi because God and Science Do Co-Exist
www.firestormofdragons.com: Firestorm of Dragons--dragons as you've never seen them before.

After having been a straight-A student, Karina Fabian has made a career of Fs: Family, Faith, Fiction and Fun.

Karina's writing career began with writing about parenting issues, the Catholic faith, and artists and community leaders. She's written for over 50 publications, including newspapers, magazines of all sizes and radio.

She doesn't just write about family, but with her family. She wrote three craft books for a EcceHomo Press by using her kids to test, create and model the crafts. She and her husband, Robert, write science fiction stories while on dates.

In 2005, she turned her attention totally to fiction. With Rob, she has edited the Christian SF anthology, Leaps of Faith, (coming 2008) and Infinite Space, Infinite God, an award-winning SF anthology with Catholic themes (2007 twilight Times Books)

Her latest fantasy adventure, DragonEye, PI, features a down-and-out dragon working off a geas by the Faerie St. George. Vern d'Wyvern (yes, it's an embarrassing name for a dragon) is partnered by Sister Grace, a Mage for the Faerie Catholic Church. Together they solve crimes magical and Mundane and save the universes on an all-too-regular basis. DragonEye, PI, stories appear in magazines and on the Internet, and its first book, "Magic, Mensa and Mayhem" comes out from Swimming Kangaroo in early 2009.

In addition to juggling the stories from at least three different universes, Karina is President of the Catholic Writers' Guild, owner of Catholic Writers Online, and active in a half-dozen or more groups. She also teaches writing seminars on-line. With four kids, five pets and a very understanding husband who is an officer in the Air Force, she tends to sleep in her "spare" time.

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