Workshops and moderators

Workshops taking place during PROMO DAY 2009:

Times are shown in Central European Time.

Lael Johnson - Blogging and Journaling. Moderator Frances Shani Parker
15:00 John Evans - The Age of Networking: Tips and Tricks to Survive in Today's information Age. Moderator Tannia Ortiz Lopez
16:00 Karina Fabian - Marketing for Beginners. Moderator Tannia Ortiz Lopez
17:00 John Desjarlais - Finding an Agent. Moderator Molly Swoboda
18:00 Carolyn Howard Johnson - Query Letters as Promotion: Let's Make Them Picture Perfect! Moderator Dawn Menge
19:00 Elysabeth Eldering- Hosting Authors on Virtual Book Tours. Moderator Jo Linsdell
20:00 Joyce Anthony - Promoting with Twitter. Moderator Jo Linsdell
21:00 Ron Berry - Character websites. Moderator Dawn Menge
22:00 Devon Ellington - Creating and maintaining a successful writer's blog. Moderator Jay Miller
23:00 Carol Denbow - Technical Aspects. Moderator Jay Miller

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