PROMO DAY 2009 a huge success

With 1364 visitors during the event, PROMO DAY 2009 was a huge success.

Thanks goes to all the workshop presenters and moderators for their hard work. The workshops were a great source of information and fun to take part in.

A special thanks goes to Molly Swodoba for stepping in at the last minute to present about blogging. She ticked off the workshops in style, giving valuable information in a professional but fun manner.

I would also like to say a special thanks Tannia Ortiz Lopez and Elysabeth Eldering for their additional help moderating the workshops.

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PROMO DAY tomorrow!

PROMO DAY 2009 takes place tomorrow at

Remember it's FREE to attend and no registration is necessary. All you have to do is go to the site and join in the fun.

FREE online workshops start at 14:00 CET and cover a variety of great topics. Each one lasts one hour. Just log into the workshop chatroom when the workshop is due to start.

The PROMO chatroom will be open all day. Feel free to log in and join in the action. You can promote your writing, services, books etc..., network with others from the industry and chat with avid readers. Share your tips and advice. Give feedback on the video trailers and samples posted to the site.

All that promoting and information overwhelming you? Then go to the take a break page and play around.

The downloads section will be full of great files available to be downloaded FREE of charge. Get your copies so you can refer to them later. They're pakced full of fantastic tips and advice!


Moderator: Dawn Menge

Dawn Menge will be moderating the 18:00 and 21:00 workshops

Dawn Menge has a Masters Degree and clear credential in Special Education. She has worked with the severely handicapped population for eleven years. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She combines imagination with practical skills to make learning fun. Dawn used her experiences within her life to create Queen Vernita's characters and her kingdom. Queen Vernita's Visitors is a story that is woven around Dawn's friends and family.

Moderator: Jay Miller

Jay Miller will be moderating the 22:00 and 23:00 CET workshops

Jay Miller is an inspirational writer of children literature. Currently, his 3 books, “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear”, “Sal and Sally”, and “Opal, Herby and Squeaky” from the *All God’s Critters Series* are producing rave comments and 5-star official reviews from all his fans and followers.

Being a grandpa, with a heart of gold and unlimited determination, Jay is on a mission to spread God’s word in an enjoyable way to young children. Through the articulate illustrations and inspirational words from each page, Jay cannot help but smile knowing that Ten percent of all his royalties go to the Grace for Children Foundation Inc. to support needy children as he is the founder of the newly formed “Rock the Babies” Foundation.

To learn more about Jay Miller, please view his site at:, where you will be able to read author interviews, official book reviews, story summaries, and view videos on each told tale.

Moderator: Molly Swoboda

Molly Swoboda will be moderating the 17:00 workshop.

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