Moderator: Molly Swoboda

Molly Swoboda will be moderating the 17:00 workshop.

Jo said, "Give me a bio." Well, okay, but publishing "The Diary Of A Mad Cartoon Woman" is more history than bio. Almost 60 years of bouncing around in this fleshy system wrecked total havoc on my sanity, so I took up the ol' whisk broom and not-so-calmly dispensed with what was left of it. I was meant to be a cartoon. It's my right to self-actualization, thank you. Yes. I channel dead serial killers among other colorful souls on the flip side of the veil. Yes. I have a staff comprised totally of furred, feathered, and armored skinned folks. Yes. I write about compulsions, diversions, excursions, and magic. High roads and low. Paths less traveled. Abysses to avoid and great planks to walk. I don't expect my Dear Readers to be quiet, passive, lame, or polite. Lemme take you to your passions, stir 'em up a little, and you throw 'em back my way for more. Go ahead. Make my day....

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