The return of PROMO DAY

As announced back in August 2009, PROMO DAY 2010 will take place on Saturday 15th May. To be kept up to date with all information regarding the event you can subscribe to this blog or sign up for the mailing list at the PROMO DAY website

2010 will see a few changes to the event to allow more interaction on an international level. One of these is the introduction of forums in place of the PROMO DAY chatroom. Everyone will be able to post to the forums throughout the day, meaning that people can pop in and out and still keep up with the various conversations and opportunities presented during the event. There will also be special sections for publishers, editors etc...More information about this to follow.

The workshops will remain as LIVE chats and be held in the chatroom on site as in previous events.

As always PROMO DAY will be FREE to attend and open to all.

If you are interested in sponsoring this years event please email for more details. The cost is minimal. Exposure big. A sponsor may be an individual author/writer (as in last years event- Linda Ballou) or a company.

All 'crew' members (sponsors, workshop hosts, moderators) get their book in the onsite bookstore free of charge. If you would like to have your book placed in the bookstore but do not take part in the 'crew' this year, you can for a small charge. Please email for more details.

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