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Get your writing samples ready! There will be a special section on the forums during this years PROMO DAY where you can post a sample of your writing. As the event will be attended by publishers, editors and representatives from content websites, this is your chance to show off your talents and hopefully find some new writing assignments. It could also mean more sales for your books, as the sample could be a sneak peak from your latest release. It's up to you.

As with all material posted to the site, all genres are welcome but should bear in mind that the event is open to everyone and therefore out of respect, please keep them 'clean'.

The length, again, is up to you. I suggest not making the sample too long however as you will need to post it to the forum and with everything going on during the day people may not have hours to concentrate on your sample alone.

As the idea is to create interest in your work please remember to post a byline or weblink so people can contact you.
Samples can only be posted during the event on Saturday 15th May. Any posts to the forums prior to the event will be deleted.

By preparing your sample in advance you can make sure you put your best foot, or in this case words, forward.

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