Workshop line up

Here's the list of workshops and presenters for this years event:
  1. Joyce Anthony- Blogging
  2. Lillian Cauldwell- interviews and blogtalkradio
  3. Sandy Lender- Virtual Tours
  4. Janet Elaine Smith- Turning work into fun (marketing)
  5. Carolyn Howard Johnson- Queries
  6. Karina Fabian- Making promotional materials
  7. Reno Lovison- Video book trailers
  8. Lea Schizas- TBC
  9. Jo Linsdell- Social media
Moderators who will be helping out are:

Penny Ehrenkrantz
Jay Miller
Tannia Ortiz Lopez

Times to be confirmed.

1 comment:

Jo Linsdell said...

Linda Ballou will also be presenting a workshop 'How to Make Travel Writing Work for You'

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