Workshop Presenter: Jo Linsdell

Workshop Title: Social Media

Workshop Presenter: Jo Linsdell

Workshop Outline:

Social media is the modern way to advertise by the use of online communities. Are you using these free marketing strategies to generate exposure, opportunity and sales? You should be.
I'll be taking you through the various types of social media available (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, YouTube etc...) and how to use them. Statistics, Applications and more...Explore your online marketing options in this one hour LIVE workshop.


Jo Linsdell is a freelance writer living in Rome, Italy. She writes articles for websites, newspapers and magazines. She has also updated to Rome. Her books "Italian for Tourists" and "A guide to weddings in Italy" and on
Jo Linsdell was born in Gillingham, Kent (UK) on 16th September 1980. Married name Joanne Denise Feliciani (she uses her maiden name as her pen name).

Having passed 10 GCSE’s, she went on to study Business Studies, History and Art A-Levels at Yateley 6th Form. Jo left England and moved to Rome, Italy in June 2001, where she now lives with her husband. Their first child was born December 2007.

She has had various jobs including working in hostels, being a tour guide and teaching English as a foreign language. She now works fulltime as a freelance writer. She writes in both English and Italian.

She also writes two award winning blogs; and and recently launched the new site

She became Editor of Robin Falls Magazine in November 2009.

She was listed on in April 2009 on their Who's Who in the Literary Society. 

You will also know her as the brains behind PROMO DAY ;)

Books by Jo Linsdell:


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Workshop Schedule

Here's the Workshop Schedule for the 2010 event:

15:00 - Jo Linsdell - Social Media

16:00 - Sandy Lender - Virtual Tours

17:00 - Reno Lovison - Video Trailers

18:00 - Karina Fabian - Making Promotional Materials

19:00 - Carolyn Howard Johnson - Queries

20:00- Lillian Cauldwell - Interviews and Internet Radio

21:00 - Janet Elaine Smith - Turning work into fun (marketing)

22:00 - Joyce Anthony - Blogging

All times listed are in Central European Time. There is a time converter on the website should you need it.

All workshops are free to attend and open to everyone. No registration is necessary. Just log into the workshop chatroom and join in.

I still need a couple of moderators to help out. If you can share an hour or two to help moderate these workshops please email me. Please indicate in the email which workshops/times you will be available.

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Workshop Presenter: Sandy Lender

Workshop: Online Book Tours

4pm-5pm CET

Presenter: Sandy Lender

Workshop outline:
There’s nothing virtual about it. Your successful online book tour takes research and planning. Whether you hire a company to help you or you go it alone, touring the Blogosphere in hopes of widening your marketplace, gaining new audience, selling more books, networking, or any of the other marketing strategies to be discussed in this seminar requires careful planning. Sandy Lender has succeeded where others have struggled and can offer you real-world advice to make your decisions easier and wiser. Come on in to chat about Online Book Tours from 4 to 5 p.m. Central European Time, 10 to 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Sandy Lender, Online Marketing
Fantasy enthusiasts will recognize Sandy Lender as the author of the novels Choices Meant for Gods and Choices Meant for Kings and a leader of workshops on world-building, characterization, and e-marketing. Her 4-year degree in English and 18-year career in magazine publishing augment her book publishing experience for a variety of presentations, including blogging, troll extermination, and how to get your name all over the Internet—in a good way.

But that’s only part of the story. Sandy is also a sea turtle conservationist, serving in the Lee County group Turtle Time since 2005. It takes one ring on her cell phone to discover she’s remained obsessed with Duran Duran since about 1984. She got rid of an unnecessary husband and beat cancer in 2008. She learned dragon whispering during the 1990s and can be called on to lull these creatures into a catatonic state when necessary. Finally, she remains unaddicted but “strongly attracted” to all forms of chocolate. If you need more information about her, you can find her all over the Internet with sites like FiledBy, Goodreads, facebook, AuthorIsland, Twitter, Blogger, AuthorsDen, LinkedIn and her own Web site, 

Books by Sandy Lender:

Workshop Presenter: Karina Fabian

Workshop title: Promotional Must-Haves and Nice-to-Gets

Presenter: Karina Fabian 

Workshop outline:
Promotional Must-Haves and Nice-to-Gets will cover the primary book promotional materials, the pros and cons of each, and how to create them easily and inexpensively. Some of the items we’ll cover:
--Press releases
--information sheets
--video book trailers
--bookmarks, business cards, and other “paper products”

Karina Fabian is an award-winning novelist of science fiction and fantasy, and a marketing mentor who focuses on giving authors a quick kick (thought classes and tasks) to get them started in their own marketing. Her writing spans the spectrum from thought-provoking science fiction that explores the future of the Catholic Faith to humorous horror about the antics of a zombie exterminator—and of course, her favorite fantasy realm, where a dragon plays detective in the non-Magical world—finding lost treasure, catching the baddies and saving the world on an all-too regular basis. As a small-press author, she’s done most of her own marketing, and he success caused one of her publishers to ask her to help other authors. Now, she publishes a newsletter and holds classes through her business, Kickstart Marketing. In addition, she co-coordinates the Catholic Writers Conferences (online and live) and presents at other conferences. If that weren’t enough to keep her busy, she also has four children with her husband, Colonel Robert Fabian.
Kickstart Marketing: for more about her newsletter and programs
Fabianspace: for more about Karina and her books
DragonEye, PI: for a look into the world where men are men, Faerie are Fae, and clichés twist in unexpected ways.
Purchase links:
Magic, Mensa and Mayhem:   


Sponsor: Pump Up Your Book Promotion

This years event is sponsored by  Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

Pump Up Your Book is a public relations firm that will give your book the best online distribution that money can buy.  In fact, it’s the only known PR service of its kind because it concentrates on those millions of people who buy books online every day and knows how to reach them.  We feel very strongly that this is the new age of promotion and our products and services meets the needs of authors who wish for optimum online presence.  We believe it’s time authors realize the potential of effective and powerful online book marketing.
Online book selling is not the wave of the future.  The future is NOW.

Promotional trailer for Pump Up Your Book Promotion, an innovative public relations agency specializing in online book promotion and virtual book tours for the published author.   


Workshop Presenter: Linda Ballou

Workshop: "How To Make Travel Writing Work For You"
Ever dream of getting great trips for free?
Adventure Travel Writer, Linda Ballou, invites you to learn more about "How To Make Travel Writing Work For You"

A love triangle of extremes has proven to be a solid base for my writing. From my roots in Alaska I receive strength, solitude, centeredness and respect for the awful power of nature. My short story Raindrop People and numerous adventure articles including my most recent “Raven Brings the Sun” about my float down the Tatshenshini River take place in my homeland. In Hawaii I found nurturing, a spiritual awakening, sensuality, peace and my heroine for my historical fiction, Wai-nani—High Chiefess of Hawaii. In proud California I obtained a degree in English Literature from Northridge University and a doctorate in urban savvy. I continue to enjoy opportunities here for intellectual stimulation, exciting contacts and friends. It makes a great base for exploits that I will share in my travel collection Lost Angel

Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawaii; Her Epic Journey
Through the eyes of high chiefess, Wai-nani, experience the Hawaiian society as it existed when Captain James Cook arrived at Kealakekua Bay in 1779; ride the billowing seas with Eku, the wild dolphin she befriends; learn why she loved the ruthless, conflicted ruler, Makaha; walk with her as she defies ancient laws and harsh taboos of the Island people; share the love she received from all who knew her and learn how she rose to become the most powerful woman in old Hawai’i.

ISBN13: 978-1-932993-88-2
Cover Art Design: TC McMullen


Workshop presenter: Reno Lovison

Workshop: The Facts About Video Book Trailers
Reno Lovison will answer these questions related to video book trailers for both fiction and non-fiction books.
Video Book Trailers . . .
What are they?
Do I need one?
Are they effective?
What will it do for me?
What do I do with it?
Where should it be displayed?
Should I put it on YouTube?
How long should it be?
Can I make one myself?
Do I need a video camera?
Should I hire someone to do it?
Is it expensive?
What about graphics, voice-over, music, actors?
Should I talk about myself?
Reno Lovison provides marketing services for growing businesses. He has produced hundreds of web videos 
designed to achieve various business objectives including sales, training and branding. Book video trailers for
authors and publishers displayed at are his specialty. Reno is also the author of 
"Turn Your Business Card Into Business" a book about the importance of effective face-to-face networking.


Meet the moderators

This years workshops will be moderated by:
Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz has published more than 75 articles, 50 stories, two e-books, a chapbook, and her stories have been included in two anthologies. She writes for both adults and children. Her fiction has appeared in numerous genre and children's publications and non-fiction work has appeared in a variety of writing, parenting, and young adult print magazines and on line publications.  Her writing blog is available at  Her web site is at

Jay Miller I am a Grandpa. I write children stories. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for thirty two years. We have seven children and thirteen grandchildren. I am a retired Engineer. I am presently writing a five story compilation novel called "All God’s Critters".(Not yet published)
Story # 1 of the novel, called “Wilbur,” has been written into a full feature animated screenplay available for film.
Another story called, “Anoka Meadows,” has also been written into a full feature animated screenplay available for film.
Another story called, “Martron,” has also been written into a short feature animated screenplay available for film.
A story, not for children, called, “Cowpoke Trail,” was also written into a full feature, non-animated screenplay available for film.
All above screenplays are WGA Registered.
My three children’s book covers and trailers can be viewed and purchased with easy buy buttons which take you to your favorite bookstore. Click my website below.

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés author of The Window To My Soul; My Walk with Jesus (2004 Tate Publishing) and El Espejo de mi Alma (Pleasant Word- pending release date). She was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and since July 2004 lives in Germany with her husband and two sons. She is a writer by profession, a mother by choice, and a wife by the covenant of marriage. On May 1983 she graduated with honour and obtained an Associated Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus (CUTPO). On December 1988 she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Secretarial Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (R.U.M.).
Publisher of the Christian site, Time with Tannia, where she monthly publishes an author's interview. On the Coffee Table the reader could read the author's book(s) blurb and/or review. Also there visitors could read her other book reviews.
Book reviewer for Catholic Fiction.Net  and Thomas Nelson's Book Bloggers.

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