Workshop Presenter: Karina Fabian

Workshop title: Promotional Must-Haves and Nice-to-Gets

Presenter: Karina Fabian 

Workshop outline:
Promotional Must-Haves and Nice-to-Gets will cover the primary book promotional materials, the pros and cons of each, and how to create them easily and inexpensively. Some of the items we’ll cover:
--Press releases
--information sheets
--video book trailers
--bookmarks, business cards, and other “paper products”

Karina Fabian is an award-winning novelist of science fiction and fantasy, and a marketing mentor who focuses on giving authors a quick kick (thought classes and tasks) to get them started in their own marketing. Her writing spans the spectrum from thought-provoking science fiction that explores the future of the Catholic Faith to humorous horror about the antics of a zombie exterminator—and of course, her favorite fantasy realm, where a dragon plays detective in the non-Magical world—finding lost treasure, catching the baddies and saving the world on an all-too regular basis. As a small-press author, she’s done most of her own marketing, and he success caused one of her publishers to ask her to help other authors. Now, she publishes a newsletter and holds classes through her business, Kickstart Marketing. In addition, she co-coordinates the Catholic Writers Conferences (online and live) and presents at other conferences. If that weren’t enough to keep her busy, she also has four children with her husband, Colonel Robert Fabian.
Kickstart Marketing: for more about her newsletter and programs
Fabianspace: for more about Karina and her books
DragonEye, PI: for a look into the world where men are men, Faerie are Fae, and clichés twist in unexpected ways.
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Magic, Mensa and Mayhem:   


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