Workshop presenter: Reno Lovison

Workshop: The Facts About Video Book Trailers
Reno Lovison will answer these questions related to video book trailers for both fiction and non-fiction books.
Video Book Trailers . . .
What are they?
Do I need one?
Are they effective?
What will it do for me?
What do I do with it?
Where should it be displayed?
Should I put it on YouTube?
How long should it be?
Can I make one myself?
Do I need a video camera?
Should I hire someone to do it?
Is it expensive?
What about graphics, voice-over, music, actors?
Should I talk about myself?
Reno Lovison provides marketing services for growing businesses. He has produced hundreds of web videos 
designed to achieve various business objectives including sales, training and branding. Book video trailers for
authors and publishers displayed at are his specialty. Reno is also the author of 
"Turn Your Business Card Into Business" a book about the importance of effective face-to-face networking.


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