Book trailers

Show off your video book trailer during PROMO DAY on Saturday 15th May. Post your videos to the forums and get feedback from other attendees whilst promoting your book to thousands.

There will also be a FREE workshop in the LIVE chatroom during the event where you can learn more about video book trailers. Not to be missed!


Promoting your services at PROMO DAY

If you offer services for writers, then PROMO DAY is the perfect place to promote them for FREE.

You will be able to sign in to the onsite forums and post information about the services you offer, pricing and your weblinks. Share testimonials and network with thousands of potential clients.

So are you an illustrator? editor? ghost writer? virtual assistant? website designer? PR agent? literary agent? etc...

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with thousands on an international level.

Handouts and free ebooks

PROMO DAY is packed full of opportunities. During this years event on Saturday 15th May there will be a special section in the forums where you will be able to download free handouts and ebooks supplied by a variety of authors.

The files that will be available for you to download directly from the website for FREE, will cover a variety of topics related to writing, marketing and the writing industry.

If you have a file that you would like to make available for download to the thousands of people attending PROMO DAY this year please send it to me by email (subject: free download) as either a word or pdf document. This is yet another way for you to connect on a large scale internationally for FREE. Your document will be downloaded by a large number of people. In some cases those people may pass it on to others. That's a lot of people world wide reading your advice, learning our name and from your byline/bio included in the document, getting to know more about you and what you do.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!


Publishers welcome

Publishing companies can use PROMO DAY to promote their services, give out submission guidelines and network with authors.

There will be thousands of writers, some with manuscripts ready, attending PROMO DAY on 15th May this year. What better place for publishers to check out new talents, read writing samples, book proposals etc...?

It's free to attend and everyone is welcome.

You just need to sign into the forums section and you're away! You can even set up you profile page in the forums complete with your company details and website.

PROMO DAY is an international event so what ever country your based in, you're bound to find writers interested in knowing more about publishing options with your company.

Mark your calendars for Saturday 15th May and get ready for THE online writing industry event of the year!

PROMO DAY wins an award!

I'm honoured to have been given this award by Susan Whitfield for the work I do on PROMO DAY.

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