2010 event proves to be another success

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this years event and helped make it a success.

To the workshop presenters:

Sandy Lender  
Reno Lovison  
Karina Fabian   
Gina Alzate 
Lillian Cauldwell 
Janet Elaine Smith 
Joyce Anthony

And Moderators:

Molly Swoboda
William Bike 
Penny Ehrenkranz 
Ron Berry 

All did a great job and really added to the event. 

Thanks also to the official sponsor for this years event www.pumpupyourbook.com

And last but not least, to everyone who took part; promoting the event, posting to the forums, supplying files for the downloads section and visiting the site and bookstore.

I'm happy to report that I've already been contacted by several people, who thanks to PROMO DAY, have increased hits to their websites, gotten more subscribers to their newsletters, sold more books and found new markets for their writing. 

I'm also pleased at how many of you commented on how much you enjoyed the event and have already had applications from people wanting to present at next years year.




Anonymous said...

This was my first year participating in PROMO DAY and I found it very interesting. Thanks for doing this Jo!

Jo Linsdell said...

You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

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