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Promo Day now has its own page on Facebook.

You can now keep up to date with Promo Day activity via the social media giant, Facebook. 'LIKE' the page and get information and up dates regarding the event in your Facebook news feed. You are also welcome to share suggestions for future events, give feedback and ask questions regarding the event.


The new Promo Day website

I saw the first draft of the new Promo Day website this morning and it looks fantastic! Marzia Fabretti, the web designer, has done a great job. A few little bits to sort out and adjust and it'll be ready to go online. I can't to hear your feedback.

The new site has a professional and easy to navigate look with all the most important information clearly set out.

The list of workshop presenters for the 2012 event is growing and I will be publishing the confirmed list in January. Trust me, you won't want to miss any of them. These international experts will be offering you a gold mine of information and tips.

As soon as the new site goes LIVE you'll be able to register for the 2012 event. It's completely free to attend and open to everyone.


Vote now and choose which workshop will take place at PD12

For the 2012 event I'm giving you the chance to vote for the workshop topic you'd like me to cover.

What one do you want me to do? 

  • I've done lots of stuff about twitter over the years and past workshops have always been popular. I have some new tips and tricks to share though.
  • Uses of video for writers
  • Setting up a channel
  • Personalizing video's to increase views and other tricks

  • Information about the new social platform launched by internet giant Google.
  • Setting up a profile and page
  • Why you should be using it.

I'll be counting the votes on each of my sites and the one with the most by the end of December wins.

Cast your vote now in the comments section

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As part of the marketing plan for the 2012 event, PROMO DAY now has a profile on the popular micro-blogging site Twitter.

To stay up to date with the latest information and news regarding the event follow @promodayevent or the hashtag #PD12

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The recently launched social media platform, Google+, has already created a buzz across the internet. Given that Google is one of the most powerful companies online (everyone uses at least one google product be it the search engine, calendar, or other), it seemed right to start representing Promo Day through their google+ pages feature.

That's right, Promo Day now has it's own page on Google+ where you can follow updates and information regarding the event.

Coming soon you will also be able to follow Promo Day on other networks including Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

PD12 is going to be the biggest and best event ever!


PD12 banner

Presenting the Promo Day 2012 banner:

Please feel free to add this banner to your websites and blogs to help spread the word about the event.

New site under construction

Promo Day will be back again in 2012 on Saturday 19th May, with a fantastic new look. A brand new website is currently under construction with a new range of features that will make it easier to navigate and more social media friendly as well as giving it a smoother, more professional style.

The list of workshop presenters for the 2012 edition is already growing and will offer internationally renowned experts from the writing industry on a wide range of topics, with heavy emphasis on marketing strategies and tools. As always all workshops will be completely free of charge and open to all. The big difference this year though is that registration will be required. Don't worry though, it's free, simple and quick to do.

Registration will open when the new site is launched in January 2012.

The new url is

There will be a variety of sponsorship opportunities for the 2012 event all at low cost. If you would like to be the first to find out about the packages available please email for more details.


Forum workshop with Irene S. Roth

 Forum workshop

Workshop Title: Seven Tips to Perform A Professional Online Critique

Forum Presenter: Irene S. Roth

Workshop outline:

       It is important for writers to be courteous when
       giving professional critiques. We don't want to
       bash the other writer, but we want him/her to
       develop and flower into the type of writer that
       will be successful and content in his/her
       Here are seven tips to perform a professional
       1.  Be courteous.
       2.  Find good points to say about a manuscript at
            all times.
       3.  Don't slam another writer's views.
       4.  Be thorough in your critique.
       5.  Don't negatively label any manuscript.
       6.  Suggest positive feedback to make the
            manuscript better.
       7.  Couch negative comments positively.
       Irene S. Roth is a freelance writer for teens and
       tweens. She leads live chats and workshops at the
       National Writing for Children's Center about
       different aspects of the writing life. She is a
       registered Virtual Book Tour host with the
       National Writing for Children Center and Stories
       for Children's Magazine where she is also an
       Assistant Nonfiction Editor. Ms. Roth also has
       two website that is geared to writers. These are
       as follows:

Forum workshop with Sandy Lender

365 Days of Non-Stop Marketing
With Sandy Lender of Night Wolf Publications

Workshop outline:
Marketing and promotion is the author's responsibility, but there are myriad inexpensive, creative, not-too-time-consuming activities in which you can partake to get the word out about your book. Check in throughout PROMO! Day with author and marketer Sandy Lender for tons of tips on how to market and promote with a plan. She's currently marketing 365 days of 2011--from in-store appearances to in-person presentations to online interviews and more. Visit this forum for ideas, strategies and a gameplan that's sure to help you get your promotion jump-started for serious success.
Check out her website at

Forum Workshop with Joyce Lavene

Joyce Lavene will be presenting an all day workshop in the forums at this years event.

Brief outline of what the workshop will cover:
Selling, writing, and promoting series mysteries, fantasies, etc. is different and can be more difficult than writing stand-alone books. It might seem as though it begins with the contract and how many books you think you can write and promote in a year. How often should the books come out? How will you be paid for them? But it starts when you first determine the books will be a series. How do you give enough information without giving away the plots, future and past? How many characters does it take to write a continuing series? Is your idea big enough to be more than one book? What publishers are looking for series books? And when it comes to promotion, how can you keep your readers interested and continuing to buy your series?

Joyce Lavene writes with her husband/partner, Jim. Together they have written and published more than 50 books.. They have written mystery, fantasy and science fiction series in the last 12 years. They currently write two mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime – Missing Pieces Mysteries and Renaissance Faire Mysteries. They live in North Carolina with their family. Their website is Joyce blogs at .
They also continue to write for their hometown newspaper, .

2011 workshops

There is still space for more workshops at this years event, both LIVE one hour long workshops in the chatroom and all day workshops in the forums. If you would like to present a workshop please email an outline of your workshop along with a short bio. Please also indicate which type of workshop you would like to do and if a LIVE one what time C.E.T. you'd prefer to start (there is a time converter on site if needed).

All crew members get one book added free of charge to the onsite bookstore as a thank you for their time. Additional books can be added at €5,00 per book.

Ideas for workshops include; finding agents, what editors look for, legal aspects of publishing a book, book formatting 101, how to query, freelance writing as a career, organisation and time management, marketing and promotional tools, blogging, social media, preparing to author events.... These are just a few ideas but I'm open to other too.

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