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PROMO DAY 2012 is proudly sponsored by 30 Day Books 

About AuthorLicious from 30 Day Books, coming June 2012

"If your book sales need some (re) invigorating, we're your new best friend.

AuthorLicious is a new way of understanding how to promote your books. We take the 'ickiness' out of that dreaded word MARKETING, and leave you with a clear direction of how to simply sell.more.books. Easy as pie!

We open our doors in June 2012 when you can access resources, tools, and lots of other delicious goodies. We show you how to be in control of your new career as an indie author and have a little fun along the way.

Want in? Sign up at http://www.30daybooks.com/authorlicious/and we'll say hello soon!"

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