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Promo Day 2012 took place on Saturday 19th May and what an event it was! The presenters did an excellent job in the on-line workshops providing a mass of useful information and tips. These guys and girls really know their stuff!

The Promo Day website had 1,524 page-views during the event (popular pages included the on site book store), whilst the forum received 6,758 page-views. 

235 registered members, from 32 different countries, posted a total of 404 posts to the forums during the day (137 of which where subscribed to).

68.07% of visitors to the site were new with 31.93% being returning visitors.

Traffic to the site came from a variety of different sources: 

Thank you to all of you that helped spread the word about the event on your various sites, radio  and social network platforms.


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