How to make your book sell with Greta King #PD13

Greta King is the author of four books. Her fifth, a new Christmas children's book will be released this fall. She is married with six children and five grandchildren. When she's not spending time with her family and friends, she's writing or promoting her books. She has done book readings at children's hospital and at several stores and libraries. Her books are now being sold in stores, For Greta, the best part of writing a book, whether it be a children's book or her fiction, which is a romantic western, is knowing that she has readers out there, that she has touched someone's life by writing a story that they love. Especially seeing a child's eyes light up when they hear the stories and see the pictures. It is a wonderful feeling.

Video webinar: How to make your book sell

  • Easy ways for getting your book out there, and making sales. 
  • How to get your book on store shelves. 
  • How much time you should spend promoting your book
  • How to decide where is a good place to do a book reading

Watch this video webinar for FREE at Promo Day on Saturday 25th May.


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