Making the Most Out of Book Events with A’ndrea J. Wilson #PD13

A’ndrea J. Wilson, Ph.D. is the author of both fiction and nonfiction books, including the novels, Wife 101 and Husband 101, and the devotional, My Business His Way: Wisdom & Inspiration for Entrepreneurs. She also writes thrillers under the pen name Janell. A'ndrea holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology; Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Doctorate in Global Leadership; Educational Leadership. In addition to writing, A'ndrea works as a college professor, as well as conducts workshops on a variety of personal and professional topics. Dr. Wilson is the Founder and President of Divine Garden Press, a publishing company that specializes in fiction and nonfiction books addressing marriage and family issues. A native of Rochester, New York, she currently resides in Georgia. Please visit her online at

Video webinar: Making the Most Out of Book Events

  • The importance of participating in book-related events
  • How to choose which book events to attend
  • How to connect with book event committees/organizations
  • Benefits of attending events as a featured guest, vendor, or attendee
  • Tips for selling books at events
  • Tips for networking at events
  • Tips for marketing your appearance at book events
Watch this video webinar for FREE at Promo Day on Saturday 25th May.


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