1 Day To Go! #PD13

Tomorrow, Saturday 25th May, is Promo Day! If you haven't already done so, go to www.PromoDay.info and register now to take part in this fantastic free online event.

Promo Day is an all day event. All webinars and workshops will be available for the entire day. There will be plenty of opportunities to promote and network during the event both in the on site forums and via social media.

See you there :)


How To Personalise Your Forums Profile

A large part of the action at Promo Day takes part in the forums. Once you've registered for the event you'll have access to the forums and be able to personalise your profile.

This is a screenshot of what your profile will look like:

As you can see, you can upload both a profile picture and an avatar. You also have various fields you can fill in to give other attendees information about yourself and what you do e.g. your occupation, website url, etc...

You can also add contact information e.g. your email address or your links for messager, skype etc... should you wish.

If you click on the "Edit" button at the top right of your screen, you'll be able to edit all your profile details. One of the best features is that you can insert a signature that will show at the bottom of all posts you make to the forums (it's right at the bottom of the edit page).

Here you can add your full name, a link to your website, etc...

Filling out this information gives you extra publicity during the event and means you can promote your products and services without being too much of a walking sales pitch.

It's very easy to set up and will only take you a minute.


#PD13 is proudly sponsored by Author Sandy Lender

Join Sandy this Saturday. Register now to take part in this fab free event.

#PD13 The Forum Workshops

During the Promo Day event on Saturday 25th May you'll be able to access 6 free workshops in the forums. These are written presentations packed with useful information and tips and advice. You will also have the opportunity to put these strategies into practice and discuss the topics covered.

You can also join in the conversation via the social media channels by; sharing comments about the workshops, highlighting the best bits, discussing the topic further, giving feedback and asking questions using the hashtag #PD13.

This years forum workshops are:
  • Move Your Audience
  • Author Websites: How To
  • How To Get Your Book Reviewed
  • Author Applications
  • Ripples in the Pond- Rising To The Top By Helping Others
  • How to make Your Book Sell


#PD13 The Video Webinars

During this years event you'll have access to 4 free video webinars packed full of useful information, tips and advice. The topics covered are:
  • How Writers Can Use Google+ Hangouts
  • Hooker with a Heart of Ink: The Art of Selling & Celebrating your Personality
  • How to Create Your Own Video Content and Draw An International Audience
  • Making the Most of Book Events
All of these webinars will be available to watch on the Promo Day website through out the day on Saturday 25th May.

You can; comment on the webinars, ask questions, give feedback, and discuss the topics covered in the webinars in the forums during the Promo Day event and via the social media channels using the hashtag #PD13


Using the Social Media Channels for Extra Networking

During the Promo Day event on Saturday 25th May you'll have plenty of opportunities to network and promote in the on site forums. For this years event we've made it even easier though. 

PD13 Connecting people

By connecting through the social media channels you can reach a wider audience and make that all important first step in building new relationships through the web.

On the Promo Day website you'll find social chat-boxes for easy sharing without having to leave the event. There'll also be loads of off-site opportunities through out the day on all social media channels.

You can also connect directly from your social media profile by using the hashtag #PD13

Promo Day Social Media Channels

Twitter @promodayevent  

You can connect with attendees before, during and after the event by using the #PD13 hashtag. 

Have You Registered for Promo Day Yet?


CONTEST: Help Spread the Word and Win

The more people that know about Promo Day, the more people register for the event, and the better it is for everyone! 

I've decided to put together a simple contest to help increase awareness about the event and give you the chance to win some extra publicity for your book in the process. 

The prize: 1 of your books featured for free in the Promo Day bookstore. The book will be features on site until the next event and promoted via the social media sites and newsletter.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is share about the event. There are various options available. Just check out the rafflecopter widget below. The more you share, the greater your chances of winning ;)

N.B. The winner will be select at random via the rafflecopter widget and announced on this blog on Saturday 18th May.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PD13: During the Event- Opportunities to Stand Out

Promo Day has always been packed full of opportunities to promote, network and learn. The 2013 event has even more than usual though as the opportunities will be both onsite and off. 

Standing out from the crowd is simple. The more active you are during Promo Day the more visibility you'll get. Posting comments about the presentations, working the forums and taking advantage of all the extra features will put you in front of a large international audience. You just need to be active and join in.

During this years event we'll be doing live blogging sessions using screenshots from in the forums and webinars along with embedded tweets and G+ status updates. If you get involved in the discussions and share about what's going on you could be picked out meaning more traffic to your profiles.

There will also be opportunities to be interviewed where you can share your thoughts about the event. These will take place either via a Google+ hangout which will be live streamed to YouTube or in written form. Again yet more visibility for you just for taking part.

There will also be "Book Pimping Sessions" via Google+ hangouts where groups of attendees will each get a few minutes to do a quick "show and tell" for their book. Again these will be live streamed to YouTube.

Photo's (screenshots) will also be taken during the hangouts giving you yet more visibility.

Example screenshot from Google+ hangout

The best comments of the day will be used in articles, blog posts and more following the event too.

Just think about:
  1. Personalised signature with your web link on all your posts to the forum during the event including an avatar picture of your choice. Everyone sees this information every time you comment.
  2. You tweet a comment about how great the presentations are or share a tip you learnt during Promo Day on Twitter using the hashtag #PD13. The tweet gets retweeted by other attendees and non. The tweet gets selected for the "best of PD13" and gets embedded into blog posts and articles. You just went viral across the board for less than 140 characters.
  3. You take part in a Google+ hangout. Not only will the video be seen on Google+ but it will also be live streamed to YouTube where it can be shared on all social media sites and embedded into websites and blogs. Photo's will also be taken during the hangouts and shared on sites putting you in front of even more people.
  4. You join in a Facebook Wall Chat on the Promo Day page. Again your comment could end up being used in articles and blog posts. Depending on your input you might attract new followers for your own page too.
  5. With the right comments you could find a new writing assignment or even land a deal with a Publisher. Not to mention all the new connections you'll make through networking at the event that will open up opportunities to be hosted on blogs or get you some new reviews for your books.
Through all of the above you will; build and strengthen your author brand, increase your reach on all social media sites and have fresh content that you can use on your own website, blog or social media pages. You'll also reach a new, large audience and build your network.

Not bad for one day of FREE interaction ;)


2 books for the price of 1!


In honour of Mother's Day I'm giving you the chance to have 2 books placed in the Promo Day Bookstore for the price of 1! That's just €5 for 2 books placed in the on site bookstore for a whole year PLUS your 2 books promoted via the social media sites and newsletter! This offer is valid for a limited time only though so act now. See 'Sponsorship opportunities' at www.PromoDay.info

*€5 = US$6,49 / £4,23

The Replays: Get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the PD13 presentations!

As Promo Day is fast approaching you might be worried about how you are going to take in so much information in just a one day event. Don't panic. This year you'll be able to buy the replays of all the PD13 presentations following the event. Warning though this offer will be available for a limited time only so act quickly.

Here's your chance to grab all the PD13 presentations for just €25 (that's about US$32/ £21).

All these fabulous presenters have huge amounts of information, tips and advice to share during the event that will make a real difference to your marketing efforts. 

The replay package will quickly become one of your favourite and most used sources of reference!

So why a replay package?

Promo Day is a one day event and I realise that it's hard to take a whole day off to go to a conference, even when the event is fully online. With all the promotional opportunities and networking that you'll be doing during the event you may find that you don't have enough time to fully absorb all the great information and advice that is shared in the presentations... and trust me you'll want to know about these easy and effective strategies to move your career to the next level. That's why we've bundled all the Promo Day presentations into a convenient replay package

With this package, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the presentations.

That way you can watch/read them when you want, as many times as you want, and at your own pace. These replays packages will be available for a limited time only. Make sure you sign up for the Promo Day newsletter so you don't miss out on this fantastic offer.

Enter your e-mail address to newsletter:


The Benefits of Attending Promo Day

Promo Day is a whole day packed full of opportunities. Not only do you get the chance to take part in the free webinars and workshops with industry pro's, you also get to take advantage of loads of opportunities to promote and network too.

Think about what your goals are for a moment.

  • I want to build my network- Promo Day is perfect for you! You can connect with presenters and other attendees during the event via the forums and video hangouts that will be taking part throughout the day. There's even specific threads in the forums for sharing social media links to make networking with other attendees even easier. You can connect with others using the hashtag #PD13 on Twitter before, during and after the event. 

  • I want to promote my books/services - Promo Day is perfect for you! There are threads in the forums where you can promote your products and services. There will also be book pimping sessions via video hangouts throughout the day. You can have your books featured in the Promo Day bookstore for just €5 per book. Your book will be listed for a whole year on site along with your cover, book blurb and author bio. It will also be promoted via the Promo Day social media channels and in the newsletter. Best €5 you'll spend this year! (details are on site under "Sponsorship Opportunities")
  • I want to find a publisherPromo Day is perfect for you! The event is attended by agents, editors and publishers. You might just connect and start a new collaboration.
  • I want to find new clients for my businessPromo Day is perfect for you! Do you have a book tour company or offer services like editing or cover design? Are you a virtual assistant or offer another service that would be of interest to someone in the writing industry? You'll have plenty of opportunity to promote and network during the event and could land yourself some new clients.
  • I want to learn more about the industryPromo Day is perfect for you! The free webinars and workshops are packed with useful information and tips on a wide variety of topics. Want to know more about something that isn't covered this year? No problem, just ask in the forums during the event or via the social media channels and you'll get an answer.
  • I want to kick start my marketing effortsPromo Day is perfect for you! During the forum workshops you'll be given optional homework tasks to put into practice what you've learnt. There are loads of opportunities to try out new marketing techniques during the event e.g. You've never done a Google+ hangout before but want to give it a try. Join in one of the book pimping sessions or do a quick interview hangout. You've always wanted to take part in a live Twitter chat but didn't know how. At Promo Day you'll be able to join in the event chat using #PD13 and can even be interviewed via Twitter during the event.
What ever you want for your career Promo Day has something for you... and best yet it's completely FREE to attend.


I'm Attending Promo Day!

The count down is on to this years event and you really won't want to miss out on everything PD13 has to offer. 10 awesome presenters and loads of opportunities to promote and network.

If you haven't already done so, hop over to www.PromoDay.info now and register for this completely free event. It could be one of the best things you do your your writing career this year!

Now you've signed up let others know you'll be attending on Saturday 25th May so you can start networking with other attendees right now and get the most out the event.

Share about the event on your social media sites, website and blog and encourage others to take part too. 

A really easy way to promote the event and let everyone know you'll be taking part is to post the badge below to your sites or add it to your social media profile image.

PD13 Attending Badge

Example of profile image with badge

Click to Tweet


Networking Made Easy at PD13

Promo Day is an excellent opportunity to network with presenters and other event attendees from around the globe.

The site has been designed to make networking as easy as possible before, during and after the event. You can chat about the presentations, ask questions, discuss ideas and make connections either via the forums or by using the social media chat-boxes you'll find on site.

The event is attended by avid readers, writers, authors, publishers, editors, graphic designers, virtual assistants and well basically anyone with an interest in books, blogging, writing, marketing and networking from anywhere in the world. The perfect opportunity to connect and start building relationships within the industry.

How can I connect with PROMO DAY attendees before, during and after the event?

By using the hashtag #PD13 to talk about the event you can join in the global conversation. You can follow @promodayevent on Twitter. Via the PROMO DAY Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/promoday or the Google+ page https://plus.google.com/u/0/102036723212856268042/posts. You can also connect via the official Promo Day blog at http://www.promoday.blogspot.com

Just a few of the comments that have been made about past events:

Kristin Gleeson
I attended promo day this year and learned about Author's Den there and duly registered to critique manuscripts (putting my substantial experience to some paid use) and now I have my first customer. Thanks to Jo for hosting such a great event.

Debra L. Butterfield
Really enjoyed Promo Day. It was great chatting with other authors and meeting new people. I look forward to your next Promo Day. Thanks!

Lea Schizas
I had a blast today, Jo, and met some wonderful people. It's fun to learn about everyone's writing process and what their upcoming projects are. Thank you for hosting this and looking forward to the next one.

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes
Today I had an awesome time during Promo Day. I got to meet other writers, read about their work, check out their website, and shared our areas of expertise. The conversation were very cordial and professional. Definitely a must do again! I look forward to the next one. Jo, you did an extraordinary job.

Paul McDermott
Great PROMO event, lots of new points of contact .... hope to be back frequently!

Susan Watkin
Jo A great idea! I hope the promo day produced some new customers for us all. Thank you Susan

To take advantage of this great opportunity to reach out and connect within the industry register now to take part in this free event on Saturday 25th May at www.PromoDay.info and start networking right now.


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