Networking Made Easy at PD13

Promo Day is an excellent opportunity to network with presenters and other event attendees from around the globe.

The site has been designed to make networking as easy as possible before, during and after the event. You can chat about the presentations, ask questions, discuss ideas and make connections either via the forums or by using the social media chat-boxes you'll find on site.

The event is attended by avid readers, writers, authors, publishers, editors, graphic designers, virtual assistants and well basically anyone with an interest in books, blogging, writing, marketing and networking from anywhere in the world. The perfect opportunity to connect and start building relationships within the industry.

How can I connect with PROMO DAY attendees before, during and after the event?

By using the hashtag #PD13 to talk about the event you can join in the global conversation. You can follow @promodayevent on Twitter. Via the PROMO DAY Facebook page or the Google+ page You can also connect via the official Promo Day blog at

Just a few of the comments that have been made about past events:

Kristin Gleeson
I attended promo day this year and learned about Author's Den there and duly registered to critique manuscripts (putting my substantial experience to some paid use) and now I have my first customer. Thanks to Jo for hosting such a great event.

Debra L. Butterfield
Really enjoyed Promo Day. It was great chatting with other authors and meeting new people. I look forward to your next Promo Day. Thanks!

Lea Schizas
I had a blast today, Jo, and met some wonderful people. It's fun to learn about everyone's writing process and what their upcoming projects are. Thank you for hosting this and looking forward to the next one.

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes
Today I had an awesome time during Promo Day. I got to meet other writers, read about their work, check out their website, and shared our areas of expertise. The conversation were very cordial and professional. Definitely a must do again! I look forward to the next one. Jo, you did an extraordinary job.

Paul McDermott
Great PROMO event, lots of new points of contact .... hope to be back frequently!

Susan Watkin
Jo A great idea! I hope the promo day produced some new customers for us all. Thank you Susan

To take advantage of this great opportunity to reach out and connect within the industry register now to take part in this free event on Saturday 25th May at and start networking right now.


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