PD13: During the Event- Opportunities to Stand Out

Promo Day has always been packed full of opportunities to promote, network and learn. The 2013 event has even more than usual though as the opportunities will be both onsite and off. 

Standing out from the crowd is simple. The more active you are during Promo Day the more visibility you'll get. Posting comments about the presentations, working the forums and taking advantage of all the extra features will put you in front of a large international audience. You just need to be active and join in.

During this years event we'll be doing live blogging sessions using screenshots from in the forums and webinars along with embedded tweets and G+ status updates. If you get involved in the discussions and share about what's going on you could be picked out meaning more traffic to your profiles.

There will also be opportunities to be interviewed where you can share your thoughts about the event. These will take place either via a Google+ hangout which will be live streamed to YouTube or in written form. Again yet more visibility for you just for taking part.

There will also be "Book Pimping Sessions" via Google+ hangouts where groups of attendees will each get a few minutes to do a quick "show and tell" for their book. Again these will be live streamed to YouTube.

Photo's (screenshots) will also be taken during the hangouts giving you yet more visibility.

Example screenshot from Google+ hangout

The best comments of the day will be used in articles, blog posts and more following the event too.

Just think about:
  1. Personalised signature with your web link on all your posts to the forum during the event including an avatar picture of your choice. Everyone sees this information every time you comment.
  2. You tweet a comment about how great the presentations are or share a tip you learnt during Promo Day on Twitter using the hashtag #PD13. The tweet gets retweeted by other attendees and non. The tweet gets selected for the "best of PD13" and gets embedded into blog posts and articles. You just went viral across the board for less than 140 characters.
  3. You take part in a Google+ hangout. Not only will the video be seen on Google+ but it will also be live streamed to YouTube where it can be shared on all social media sites and embedded into websites and blogs. Photo's will also be taken during the hangouts and shared on sites putting you in front of even more people.
  4. You join in a Facebook Wall Chat on the Promo Day page. Again your comment could end up being used in articles and blog posts. Depending on your input you might attract new followers for your own page too.
  5. With the right comments you could find a new writing assignment or even land a deal with a Publisher. Not to mention all the new connections you'll make through networking at the event that will open up opportunities to be hosted on blogs or get you some new reviews for your books.
Through all of the above you will; build and strengthen your author brand, increase your reach on all social media sites and have fresh content that you can use on your own website, blog or social media pages. You'll also reach a new, large audience and build your network.

Not bad for one day of FREE interaction ;)


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