A Great Way to Show Off Your NaNoWriMo Novel!

If you're taking part in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge this month, you're super busy getting your word count up to 50K and one step closer to finishing your novel. After all the hard work you're putting in, I'm sure you'll want to shout from the roof tops when the novel is actually finished. Enter Promo Day...

Promo Day is the perfect place to let people know about your writing success, and promote your newly released/ soon to be released novel. The whole day is packed full of opportunities to promote your books and build your author brand. 

You can also make connections with bloggers, publishers, editors, illustrators, and other members of the industry that can help make your dream of being a success author come true.

Following the success of the last event, Publishers will be back taking pitches during the event on Saturday 30th May 2015. Your NaNoWriMo novel could find a home! 

Register now for the 2015 event by clicking "Register Now" in the navigation bar above.

Mark Your Calendars for #PD15

Promo Day will be back on Saturday 30th May 2015. As always, the event will take place right here at www.PromoDay.info and will be packed full of fantastic presentations, covering a wide variety a topics, and loads of opportunities to promote, and network.

The event is completely free to attend and open to everyone. The forums, where the main action takes place, are mobile friendly so you can even participate using your mobile phone. That's right, you don't even need to be at a computer! 

Registration is already open for the 2015 event. Just click on "Register Now" in the navigation bar above and sign up. If you registered for past events, there is no need to register again. Just log in using your email from before.

You can also follow Promo Day on social media using the hashtag #PD15.

If you have any suggestions to help make 2015 the best event yet, please leave a comment below. What did you like about the 2014 event? what could be improved? What would help take the event to the next level?


#PD14 Author hangout with author Khalid Muhammad

During the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May there were numerous opportunities to take part in Google+ hangouts.

In this Google+ hangout I interview author Khalid Muhammad where we chat about his Agency Rules book series, marketing online, publishing options, and more...

Khalid's website: http://www.AgencyRules.com


#PD14 Facebook Wall Chat: Tell us about your book

Numerous wall chats took place on the Promo Day Facebook page during the event on Saturday 31st May. Here's one where people dropped by the tell us about their books:


Book Marketing: #PD14 Facebook wall chat panel discussion

During the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May there were numerous wall chats hosted on the Promo Day Facebook page. Here's one about book marketing:

Join the discussion by leaving a comment either here on the blog or directly on the Facebook post.

#PD14 Success Stories

So much happening during the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May and success stories have started to come in from attendees. 

Linda Randall had success in the pitch sessions:

Khalid Muhammad grew his network on Twitter and took part in one of the live Google+ hangout interviews:

Dave had success in the pitch sessions:

Do you have a success story to share? Leave a comment below to tell us how Promo Day helped you.

Publishing Choices: Facebook Wall Chat Discussion #PD14

Whilst the main action took place in the on site forums, during the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May there were numerous chats and promotional activities happening via the social media channels too. Here's a Facebook wall chat about "Publishing choices"

Feel free to continue to weigh in with your opinion by leave a comment either on the Facebook post or by leaving a comment here on the blog. 

Why did you pick the publishing route you did for your book? Are you planning on publishing but don't know which way is best for you? Let us know and join in the discussion.

#PD14 What a day!

WOW what a day! Is your brain still buzzing too? So much happened on Saturday 31st May that we're all still recovering.

The presentations are all fantastic. This years presenters really did an amazing job. The two most viewed presentations during the day were How to be Twittertastic by Jo Linsdell and Write book. Self-publish book. Promote book. Write screenplay. Make film. All Without Agent by Gregor Collins.

Here's a few of comments people left in the forums about the presentations:

On Google+ for Authors by Rivka Kawano

Hi Rivka,
I loved this presentation! I've been on Google+ for a while but always found it so much more mysterious than the other social media networks. So I learned a LOT! [thumb]  

On What Your Author Event Can Learn From the Olympics by Virginia Jennings

Hi Virginia, I really enjoyed your presentation and got some great tips. Thank you very much [smile] 
Louise Kennedy - Author

On How authors Can "Kick it" with Crowdfunding by Julie Hedlund

I've been doing this for a while and this really helped me to get a better idea of it. Loved it!  
Janiera Eldridge

On How to be Twittertastic by Jo Linsdell

Absolutely adore this presentation Jo! 
TC McKinney
PDMI Publishing, LLC 
PDMI Publishing, LLC
The Personal Publisher
1 855-782-5474

What did you like best about this years event? Favourite presentation? Did you pitch your manuscript during the event? How did Promo Day help you? Let us know in the comments section below.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the event. Can't wait for next years! ;)

Welcome to Promo Day!

The big day is finally here and the action is already underway in the forums.

It's still not too late to register! Click the REGISTER NOW button in the navigation bar above and sign up now for access to the forums where the event takes place.

Here's a few tips for getting the most out of today's event:

Post to the forums. 

There are loads of opportunities to promote, network, and learn in today's event. 


Comment on the presentations, leave feedback, and post questions. The presenters will be happy to answer them for you and it gives a chance for others to learn an extra tip or two at the same time. Also feel free to share your own tips and experience related to the topic. 

All the PD14 presenters have given their time and expertise free of charge and so I'm sure would appreciate a note of thanks too ;)

Pitch sessions

Read each publishers submission guidelines and pitch them your idea. You just private message them your pitch via the forums and they will get back to you by the end of the day with their answer.

Promote and network

The forums are packed full of ways you can promote and network with other attendees. Don't be shy. Blatant promo is allowed at Promo Day so feel free to share your book links and tell us about them.

If you offer services like cover design, illustrating, book formatting, editing, etc... there's spaces for you to promote those too.

Doing a free download promo or countdown deal this weekend? There's spaces to promote those too and all books listed there will be shared via the Promo day social media channels too giving you some extra visibility for your promo.

Get Social

Throughout the day there are numerous extra events via social media that you can take part in e.g. Twitterchats, G+ hangouts, Facebook Wall chats, and Pinning parties.

You can find out when these are taking place by checking out the "Opportunities during Promo Day" thread in the forums.

Whilst some of these events are organised by Promo Day you are welcome to schedule your own too. Just make sure you post the info in the thread so people know when and where to take part and add the hashtag #PD14 when you post your event. e.g. add it to all tweets during your Twitterchat or include it in your status update when doing a Facebook Wall chat.

See you in the forums!

#PD14 Orientation: How it all works

To avoid any confusion about how the Promo Day works, watch this orientation video that gives you an overview of this years event and all the different sections.

You'll find information and screenshots of how to register, how to set up your profile, and how to navigate the various parts of the forums.

There is also information about some of the activities that will be taking place during the event e.g. live pitch sessions, social media chats, etc... and how you can take part in those.


#PD14 Sponsor: Prepping for A Successful Book Promotion

Download (Duration: 18:06 — 16.6MB)
Prepping for A Successful Book Promotion - Podcast with Jim Kukral and Deborah Carney

Is your book ready for a big promotional push? Listen to this podcast with industry professionals Jim Kukral and Deborah Carney to see if your book really is ready to be put out there in front of the public. In 18 minutes you could save a lot of time and money and once you follow our advice you can be better prepared for both free and paid promotions to get your book not just seen, but actually get readers to buy it.

If you listened to this podcast and found it helpful or have other ideas to share, please post in the comments!

Link to listen to podcast:

Interview with #PD14 Presenter Gina Alzate

Yesterday I interviewed #PD14 presenter +Gina Alzate in a Facebook Wall Chat where we chatted about her experience with internet radio and her presentation at this years event. If you missed the live event you can check it out here:

"There is a segment of the population who are auditory, meaning their style of communicating is through verbal means. They retain information more when they hear it as well as they could sense whether or not they vibe with the speaker. 
So, authors would be able to reach auditory-focused audience through Internet Radio. It is also podcasted and this allows for people who cannot attend live to also be able to listen in their own time. Podcasts could also be downloaded which makes it easier for listeners to take the broadcast with them."  
Gina Alzate
Register now so you don't miss out on the great presentations happening this Saturday!

#PD14 Orientation: How to register

This quick video takes you through the step by step of how to register for this years Promo Day event.

Click the Register Now tab above now so you don't miss out on all the action!

#PD14 Sponsor: Dinosaurs, Meteors and Mammals – How History Republishes Itself

History is a cycle of recycles. Never-ending births and rebirths. Time and time again, the new phoenixes arise from the ashes of the old ways, born from a “death” that never dies.
The original subtitle for this piece was “Every Lesson The Publishing Industry Needs To Learn Was Taught 65 Million Years Ago.” And in that case, the master teacher was a giant rock from outer space. No artful soliloquies were waxed rhapsodic by this six-mile-wide asteriod when it visited our planet and “surfed” the Yucatan peninsula. Yet our astral guest and its master lesson have remained with our dear Earth ever since, teaching all those who can open their minds to see the inevitablity of the inevitable.
In the last decade, not one but two meteors have struck, this time at the heart of the publishing world. First, do-it-yourself publishing, upending a century of print-centric contracts and distribution methods. Second, the digital e-book reader, which bypasses print distribution entirely.
The key question: How have the “Big Five” publishers reacted to the entire publishing world changing around them? They signed Amanda Hocking and E.L. James, after these two women proved they did not need a major publisher to sell large numbers. The D.I.Y “tail” is now wagging their dog, to the point where the newest print deals with Hugh Howey and John Locke allowed them to keep their e-book rights. The New York publishing houses, by their own admission, are no longer dictating the terms for every authors’ success, and in the cases above they are simply hitching a ride on the authors’ own coat tails.
The Big Five’s contract language and terms have changed very little; even as the advances, promotions and shelf space allocations that “justified” such terms are now dying on the vine. Is it any wonder why many authors who could play the New York game now orbit around the “meteor” of do-it-yourself publishing?
One big question remains. Is do-it-yourself publishing a meteor, or an infant dinosaur?
Will do-it-yourself publishing burn bright in the sky, then come crashing to Earth from major online retailers suddenly pulling the plug on direct do-it-yourself publishing? The voices suggesting this “insane” possiblility; are they mad rants from the farthest fringes of the Internet, or are they the earliest harbingers of an inevitable outcome the great majority cannot even visualize as yet?
Do-it-yourself publishing may be the new dinosaur, disguised as a meteor. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. New strengths, and new weaknesses to match. The odds of a single author rising from the DIY jungle worsening daily, as potential readers have to sift through a mass of e-books growing at a geometric rate. Readers left sifting for tiny grains of diamonds in the near-infinite sand dunes. Already no end is in sight for this paradigm, and more importantly no fundamental change is in sight. And, as the events 65 million years ago taught us, we know what happens when an established “institution” cannot adapt to changin conditions.
As “impossible” as it may seem right now that a major online retailer could “pull the plug” on direct do-it-yourself publishing, the wise will take the time to consider what would happen if they did. Millions of authors’ dreams would “die” all at once, enough of a “disturbance in the Force” to turn us all into Obi-Wan Kenobis for a day. The new dinosaur, dying a meteor’s death.
The master lesson: Those who cannot adapt to a major paradigm shift will be buried by the winds of change, the bones of what they used to be fossilizing under layers of “ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.”
You are reading this because your mammal ancestors could adapt. They survived in a world full of dinosaurs, but what mattered is that they could also thrive in a harsh world that drove the dinosaurs to extinction. Adaptablility meant being able to work around the dinosaurs while they were still alive, and work around their carcasses after the meteor had its last laugh. And 65 million years later, adaptability means being able to recognize dinosaurs and meteors when you see them, and being able to work with every possible outcome.

Radio interview with Promo Day CEO Jo Linsdell #PD14

Yesterday Gina Alzate interviewed founder and organiser of the Promo Day event, Jo Linsdell, on her internet radio show. If you missed the live event, you can listen to the recording below:

N.B. There was a slight technical issue at the very beginning of the show. Skip to 00.20 for the start.

                   Discover Writing Internet Radio with Holistic LifeDesigns on BlogTalkRadio

#PD14 Sponsor: Inspiration: What a Poem Can Do

Near the shores of Lake Kyoga, Uganda, in the Nakasongola district, the 687 students of Kiguli Army primary school are the educational centerpiece of their local communities. From fishing communities to landing sites to the Ministry of Defense ordnace factory managed by Luwero Industries, these students’ families represent the childrens’ diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and experiences.
The school is also the centerpiece of Luwero Industries’ corporate social responsibility plan, which includes re-forestation of local areas near the school.
The school is a primary school, not a military or boarding school. Its teachers seek to instill the values of discipline, hard work and community service in their students. From Primary One through Primary Seven, students learn Social Studies, Mathematics, English and Science. No students are promoted until they complete the work needed to earn a passing grade in their current level of study. Students also excel in extra-curricular athletic activities such as football (soccer) and volleyball, winning district accolades and advancing themselves to a district-wide football showpiece which will showcase these children’s unrivaled skills in this sport.
For the past several years, the school has been turning out the best students in the district. Last year, however, the students’ academic scores suffered a decline, due in large part to the economic woes befalling Uganda. These children teeter precariously close to spending the rest ot their lives in poverty if they fail to get the education they so desperately need to better their stations in life.
The school itself also suffers from Uganda’s economic malaise. Porridge is now the sole meal served to the students. The school’s buildings have fallen in disrepair. Teachers are earning a pittance, or volunteering their time. The parents, Luwero Industries and other local benefactors have managed to raise some funds to repair and renovate the school. This, however, is but a drop in the school’s ocean of need.
“We have a strong sense of mission. And we have faith that initiatives such as this project will flip the floudering fortunes of this school and its glorious, inspiring students.”
So, what can a poetry book do to combat such a mountain of obstacles? A lot. This project, The Songs Of Kiguli, has given these children the inspiration to believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. This is why the majority of the 2012 class went on to secondary schools of higher repute, in spite of their academic losses when compared to the previous years’ classes.
The Songs Of Kiguli has drawn many accolades, in Uganda and internationally. Uganda’s Minister Of Internal Affairs, Aronda Nyakairima, stated that their writing reached of a level of quality exceeding what he though rural school children were capable of. The children have also collaborated with American students in a “poetry without borders” program, learning about the things they share in common as well as their differences.
The school indeed stands on the cusp of monumental achievement. The Songs Of Kiguli gives these children a way to reach the world with the beauty of their poetry, lift themselves out of poverty and give them a path to a stronger future. Not just for themselves, but the people of Uganda, and Africa as a whole. Their moment in time has come, a moment that will shine far beyond any 15 minutes of fame.


#PD14 Sponsor: 13 Ways PDMI Rocked the Indie Publishing World

2013 was an amazing year for PDMI Publishing, LLC. Many new people have joined our team here at PDMI. Our printing quality and options have been greatly enhanced, and our authors are now getting their books into physical bookstores.

Our fans have shown us time and time again their love for our small publishing house. As this important and eventful year of 2013 comes to a close, we want to acknowledge our best moments of the year, and give a huge thank you to our loyal fans and team members who have made all of this possible.

  • PDMI has acquired 30+ authors, adding their works to our fast-growing catalog of titles.
  • PDMI has gained access to bookstores such as 2nd & Charles, Dragon Quills Comic Book Store, Catos, etc.
  • PDMI has established official Editorial, Marketing and Illustrator Teams.
  • PDMI has developed an industry-leading client interface where authors can log in and view what is happening with their projects, submit support tickets, access the author knowledgebase and get access to premium industry news.
  • PDMI now works with the Library of Congress to assign Control Numbers to all books.
  • PDMI’s distribution partners have increased from 20,000 online retail stores to 30,000+.
  • PDMI has become a full-fledged Traditional Publishing House, while remaining aware of the Author’s needs and concerns.
  • PDMI has established a variety of Imprints to categorize our content into specific reader genres.
  • PDMI makes extensive use of #RebelMouse to dynamically connect and manage all author content.
  • PDMI offers exclusive discounts on our titles at 55% to Distributors, Wholesalers, and Retailers; with the option to return stock.
  • PDMI’s rapid growth in the year 2013 has been skillfully orchestrated by the steady hand of Victoria Adams, our Director of Business Operations.
  • PDMI is devoted to crafting quality products in every sense of the word; from seeking out the finest and most innovative authors, to graphics design, formatting and printing quality that equal and even surpass the standards of the large New York publishing houses.
  • PDMI has been referred to as “the publisher of the future” by several noted industry insiders, who have long advocated for many of the publishing innovations that PDMI has put into practice.

Interview with #PD14 presenter Brandy Potter

Yesterday I interviewed PD14 presenter Brandy Potter in a live Google hangout about her upcoming presentation about video content. If you missed the live event you can watch it here:

Brandy is looking forward to this years event and says "getting all the different information is going to be wonderful" and I couldn't agree with her more!

To take advantage of all the wonderful information that Promo Day has to offer, click the register now tab in the navigation bar above.

Interview with #PD14 presenter Daven Anderson

Earlier today I interviewed PD14 presenter Daven Anderson in a live Twitterview. For those of you that missed the the live event, here's the transcript:


Interview with #PD14 presenter Virginia Jennings

Earlier today I interviewed PD14 presenter Virginia Jennings in a live Twitterview. For those of you that missed the the live event, here's the transcript:


Interview with #PD14 presenter Rivka Kawano

Yesterday I interviewed PD14 presenter Rivka Kawano in a live Google hangout about her upcoming presentation Google+ for Authors. If you missed the live event you can watch it here:

Rivka explains that "Google+ is not just another social media platform. It has a lot to do with search. It has a lot to do with authority and rankings. It has a lot to do with tying together everything that you're doing" and that "it can be a really powerful tool if you know how to use". 

Rivka can't wait for this years event and is "looking forward to connecting with more people."

To gain access to Rivka's presentation, and all the other great presentations and activities at Promo Day, just click on the Register Now tab in the navigation bar above. It's completely free and open to all.

Free Presentations Taking Place at #PD14

Promo Day 2014 offers 16 free presentations. To gain access of all of them all you have to do is register for the event (You can do this by clicking the "Register Now" tab on the navigation bar).


"Keeping on talking in the free world" with Khalid Muhammad #PD14

Presenter: Khalid Muhammad

Presentation: "Keeping on talking in the free world"

Description: A look at how the internet has made it possible for active Indie authors to promote, talk and market their books across a wide range of mediums without having to worry about cost. 

Bio: Khalid Muhammad recently published his first novel, Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office, a spy thriller based in Pakistan, available on AmazonBarnes & Noble and iTunes. In his professional life, he owns and manages a marketing services company that specializes in digital and social media marketing. 

Find out more about him at agencyrules.comFacebook or @AgencyRulesPK.


Novel Triage with Stacey Brewer #PD14

Presenter: Stacey Brewer

Presentation Title: Novel Triage

Description: Get your manuscript ready to send to a professional editor or for submission. Know what to expect from your editor and what you can do to facilitate the editing process.


Stacey Brewer is the managing editor for PDMI Publishing, LLC, and writes fantasy, historical fantasy, and modern fantasy (though she also suffers from the occasional steampunk and sci-fi ambitions). A little time studying journalism was all it took to turn Stacey into a proper grammar fiend, and a love of reading well-written books drives her to continually study the craft of writing and use those studies to help authors refine their work and make it the best it can be.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @AuthorStaceyB
Blog/website: staceyhaggardbrewer.com

This Years Presenters #PD14

At this years Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May you'll have the opportunity to take part in the follow free presentations: 

Julie Hedlund: How authors can "kick it" with crowdfunding
Rivka Kawano: Google+ for Authors
Evan Jacobs: Readership: What it is and how to build it
Jo Linsdell: How to be Twittertastic
Carolyn Howard Johnson: Query letters and agents
Sandy Lender: Pitch the Story AND Create momentum
Stacey Brewer: Novel Triage
Virginia Jennings: What your author event can learn from the Olympics
Khalid Muhammad: Keeping on Talking in the Free World - The Use of Free Media to Promote
Gina Alzate: Internet Radio
Daven Anderson: Why choose a small press?
Brandy Potter: Video Content
Gregor Collins: Write book. Self-publish book. Promote book. Write screenplay. Make film. All without agent.
Linda Randall: Google SEO tips for Bloggers
Penny Sansevieri: How to sell books by the truckload on Amazon

Register now for access of all of these presentations!


"Why Choose A Small Press?" with Daven Anderson

Daven Anderson will be presenting "Why Choose A Small Press?" at this years Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May.

What will be covered:

The Author's Three Choices:

Major New York Publishers
Small Press Traditional Publishers

How Your Choice Affects Your Creative Path:

The DIY Jungle - What Are The Costs Of Freedom?
The NY Streets - Did You Write The Golden Ticket?
The Small Press Forest - Can Artistic Vision And Commerce Co-Exist?

Judging Books By Their Covers - The Issue Of Quality:

DIY - Are You Really DIY If You Have To Hire A Cover Designer?
NY - Do The Big Five Still Set The Standard For Quality?
Small Press- Can The Small Press Rise To The Quality Challenge?

The Editorial Process:

DIY: Are You Really DIY If You Have To Hire An Editor?
NY: Can Your Creative Vision Survive The Formulas?
Small Press: Can Editing Enhance The Author's Creative Vision?

Marketing And Promotion:

DIY: Are You Prepared To Find Out What "Do It Yourself" REALLY Means?
NY: Are The Big Five What They Used To Be?
Small Press: Can Small Presses' Marketing Compete With New York?

The Three Boxes:

DIY: Thinking Outside The Box
NY: Thinking About The Big Box
Small Press: Building A New Box

The Author's Ideal:

DIY: A Platform Where Any Type Of Book Can Succeed
NY: If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Everywhere
Small Press: Where Vetting And Authors' Visions Can Live As One

About Daven:

Daven grew up reading Dr. Seuss, the Encyclopædia Brittanica and dinosaur books, never suspecting that one day all of those books would play crucial parts as inspiration for the Vampire Syndrome saga. The simple yet infallible wisdom of Theodore Geisel serving as the model for protagonist Jack Wendell. Encyclopædia research inspired Daven to craft unparalleled levels of back story detail, reconciling science and folklore in ways no "vampire novel" has ever done before. And if that large meteor had not impacted the Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago, reptiles could easily have evolved into a humanoid form that would bear resemblance to the alien Pure Vampires of Daven's saga.  

Daven accepted the challenge to craft a saga featuring a brave, wise, dignified hero with special needs, which would reach an audience that would never dream of reading a novel like “Forrest Gump.” Like "Gump", a story where a hero with special needs proves that quick wit and cunning do not equal wisdom. Unlike "Gump", a story where danger stalks the hero from beginning to end, from Jack's well-meaning but devious human Vampire compatriots, to the carnivorous alien Pure Vampires that strike fear in the hearts of all human Vampires. Jack struggles to survive and find acceptance in a world where the "human" and the "monster" are one and the same.

Follow Daven on Twitter @DavenAnderson


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