5+ Reasons why you should register for Promo Day

So why should you take part in Promo Day this May? 

Here's a few reasons why registering for this year's event should be on your to do list:

  1. It's FREE! That's right, completely free. Won't cost you a cent. Can't get much better value than that.
  2. No travel required. The event takes place online at www.PromoDay.info in the forums so you can enjoy the day from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Chance to learn from industry experts. You get the opportunity to take part in the numerous free presentations that will be taking place throughout the day where you can pick up tips and strategies on a wide variety of topics. As you also get to interact with them you can ask questions and get feedback too. This alone is worth it's weight in gold!
  4. Get to take part in promotional activities. Throughout the day there will be opportunities to be interviewed, join panel discussions, hangouts, Twitter chats, Facebook wall chats, and a whole host of other activities. There is also a section in the forums where self promotion is allowed.
  5. Network with a huge international crowd. Promo Day is attended by writers, authors, editors, publishing companies, virtual book tour companies, PR assistants, illustrators, book cover designers, and others, making it the perfect place to make new connections.
And a bonus reason: It's super fun! 

Mark your calendar now: Saturday 31st May 2014

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