#PD14 Sponsor: BookGoodies Network

Sponsor: BookGoodies Network

BookGoodies.net was started by Deborah Carney in 2004 as a site for people to find books.  It was a simple directory site with links to book sellers and places to get other “book goodies” like lamps and things.  Over the years it evolved and finally when the Kindle hit and my friends started publishing books, as did I, I wanted to create a site where people could find books published by the “little guy”.  I was also involved in podcasting and decided to start interviewing authors.  So BookGoodies.com was born in 2010.  Over the past 4 years we have published over 20,000 free book announcements, have over 10,000 book posts and over 2,000 author interviews.  We also have over 150 podcasts with authors and a few book services.

In 2013 we added the BookGoodies Connect forum ( http://bookgoodies.com/bgconnect ) with hopes of building a community where readers, authors and bloggers can meet and discuss all things book related.  On the heals of authors needing even more ways to be discovered we have launched in 2014 several genre focused websites.  You can find the current list at BookGoodies.net.

BookGoodies.com has a mission of helping authors get found by readers and bloggers, plus educating authors on best practices for publishing and marketing.  In addition to the forum we have an author’s only Facebook group where participants have actively produced anthologies with the proceeds going towards literary charities.  The genre sites will be totally reader focused. See that list at http://bookgoodies.net

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