This Years Presenters #PD14

At this years Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May you'll have the opportunity to take part in the follow free presentations: 

Julie Hedlund: How authors can "kick it" with crowdfunding
Rivka Kawano: Google+ for Authors
Evan Jacobs: Readership: What it is and how to build it
Jo Linsdell: How to be Twittertastic
Carolyn Howard Johnson: Query letters and agents
Sandy Lender: Pitch the Story AND Create momentum
Stacey Brewer: Novel Triage
Virginia Jennings: What your author event can learn from the Olympics
Khalid Muhammad: Keeping on Talking in the Free World - The Use of Free Media to Promote
Gina Alzate: Internet Radio
Daven Anderson: Why choose a small press?
Brandy Potter: Video Content
Gregor Collins: Write book. Self-publish book. Promote book. Write screenplay. Make film. All without agent.
Linda Randall: Google SEO tips for Bloggers
Penny Sansevieri: How to sell books by the truckload on Amazon

Register now for access of all of these presentations!


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