Welcome to Promo Day!

The big day is finally here and the action is already underway in the forums.

It's still not too late to register! Click the REGISTER NOW button in the navigation bar above and sign up now for access to the forums where the event takes place.

Here's a few tips for getting the most out of today's event:

Post to the forums. 

There are loads of opportunities to promote, network, and learn in today's event. 


Comment on the presentations, leave feedback, and post questions. The presenters will be happy to answer them for you and it gives a chance for others to learn an extra tip or two at the same time. Also feel free to share your own tips and experience related to the topic. 

All the PD14 presenters have given their time and expertise free of charge and so I'm sure would appreciate a note of thanks too ;)

Pitch sessions

Read each publishers submission guidelines and pitch them your idea. You just private message them your pitch via the forums and they will get back to you by the end of the day with their answer.

Promote and network

The forums are packed full of ways you can promote and network with other attendees. Don't be shy. Blatant promo is allowed at Promo Day so feel free to share your book links and tell us about them.

If you offer services like cover design, illustrating, book formatting, editing, etc... there's spaces for you to promote those too.

Doing a free download promo or countdown deal this weekend? There's spaces to promote those too and all books listed there will be shared via the Promo day social media channels too giving you some extra visibility for your promo.

Get Social

Throughout the day there are numerous extra events via social media that you can take part in e.g. Twitterchats, G+ hangouts, Facebook Wall chats, and Pinning parties.

You can find out when these are taking place by checking out the "Opportunities during Promo Day" thread in the forums.

Whilst some of these events are organised by Promo Day you are welcome to schedule your own too. Just make sure you post the info in the thread so people know when and where to take part and add the hashtag #PD14 when you post your event. e.g. add it to all tweets during your Twitterchat or include it in your status update when doing a Facebook Wall chat.

See you in the forums!

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