#PD14 Author hangout with author Khalid Muhammad

During the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May there were numerous opportunities to take part in Google+ hangouts.

In this Google+ hangout I interview author Khalid Muhammad where we chat about his Agency Rules book series, marketing online, publishing options, and more...

Khalid's website: http://www.AgencyRules.com


#PD14 Facebook Wall Chat: Tell us about your book

Numerous wall chats took place on the Promo Day Facebook page during the event on Saturday 31st May. Here's one where people dropped by the tell us about their books:


Book Marketing: #PD14 Facebook wall chat panel discussion

During the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May there were numerous wall chats hosted on the Promo Day Facebook page. Here's one about book marketing:

Join the discussion by leaving a comment either here on the blog or directly on the Facebook post.

#PD14 Success Stories

So much happening during the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May and success stories have started to come in from attendees. 

Linda Randall had success in the pitch sessions:

Khalid Muhammad grew his network on Twitter and took part in one of the live Google+ hangout interviews:

Dave had success in the pitch sessions:

Do you have a success story to share? Leave a comment below to tell us how Promo Day helped you.

Publishing Choices: Facebook Wall Chat Discussion #PD14

Whilst the main action took place in the on site forums, during the Promo Day event on Saturday 31st May there were numerous chats and promotional activities happening via the social media channels too. Here's a Facebook wall chat about "Publishing choices"

Feel free to continue to weigh in with your opinion by leave a comment either on the Facebook post or by leaving a comment here on the blog. 

Why did you pick the publishing route you did for your book? Are you planning on publishing but don't know which way is best for you? Let us know and join in the discussion.

#PD14 What a day!

WOW what a day! Is your brain still buzzing too? So much happened on Saturday 31st May that we're all still recovering.

The presentations are all fantastic. This years presenters really did an amazing job. The two most viewed presentations during the day were How to be Twittertastic by Jo Linsdell and Write book. Self-publish book. Promote book. Write screenplay. Make film. All Without Agent by Gregor Collins.

Here's a few of comments people left in the forums about the presentations:

On Google+ for Authors by Rivka Kawano

Hi Rivka,
I loved this presentation! I've been on Google+ for a while but always found it so much more mysterious than the other social media networks. So I learned a LOT! [thumb]  

On What Your Author Event Can Learn From the Olympics by Virginia Jennings

Hi Virginia, I really enjoyed your presentation and got some great tips. Thank you very much [smile] 
Louise Kennedy - Author

On How authors Can "Kick it" with Crowdfunding by Julie Hedlund

I've been doing this for a while and this really helped me to get a better idea of it. Loved it!  
Janiera Eldridge

On How to be Twittertastic by Jo Linsdell

Absolutely adore this presentation Jo! 
TC McKinney
PDMI Publishing, LLC 
PDMI Publishing, LLC
The Personal Publisher
1 855-782-5474

What did you like best about this years event? Favourite presentation? Did you pitch your manuscript during the event? How did Promo Day help you? Let us know in the comments section below.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the event. Can't wait for next years! ;)

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