Mark Your Calendars for #PD15

Promo Day will be back on Saturday 30th May 2015. As always, the event will take place right here at and will be packed full of fantastic presentations, covering a wide variety a topics, and loads of opportunities to promote, and network.

The event is completely free to attend and open to everyone. The forums, where the main action takes place, are mobile friendly so you can even participate using your mobile phone. That's right, you don't even need to be at a computer! 

Registration is already open for the 2015 event. Just click on "Register Now" in the navigation bar above and sign up. If you registered for past events, there is no need to register again. Just log in using your email from before.

You can also follow Promo Day on social media using the hashtag #PD15.

If you have any suggestions to help make 2015 the best event yet, please leave a comment below. What did you like about the 2014 event? what could be improved? What would help take the event to the next level?


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