7 Facts About Promo Day

7 Facts About Promo Day, www.PromoDay.info #PD15 #WritersConference #Event

Here's 7 facts about the Promo Day event:
  1. Travel is NOT required! This is a fully ONLINE conference.
  2. You'll discover proven tips and tactics that work in the webinars.
  3. You can pitch publishers during the event and say goodbye to having to deal with agents and long turn around times. They'll get back to you during the event, whether they are interested or not.
  4. LOADS of networking and promotional opportunities connecting you with others in the industry and putting you in front of potential readers.
  5. The forums are mobile friendly.
  6. It's completely FREE to attend the event and everyone is welcome.
  7. Promo Day is an international event with people attending from all over the world.

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