#PD15 Webinar: "Marketing for Authors" with Jenny McKinney

#PD15 Webinar: "Marketing for Authors" with Jenny McKinney, www.PromoDay.info

Jenny McKinney

Presentation title: 
Marketing for Authors

Presentation outline:
1.    Why market
2.    I’m a writer, not a salesperson
3.    What works and what doesn’t
4.    The dreaded marketing plan
5.    When should I begin marketing
6.    Wrap up

Presenter Bio:
A published author and the CEO/Executive Editor at Cedar Loft Productions. CLP was born just 2 years ago after much research and contemplation. All team members are currently volunteers and we have a few contracted individuals that we call on from time to time. All our authors are considered our friends and treated with the utmost respect. If a submitted manuscript is rejected by our submissions team, we explain exactly what needs done for the manuscript to be accepted. At this time, we only publish work written in English by authors in the USA. In time, we hope to be global but that is in the future.

Connect with Jenny:

All webinars are free to all attendees, and are available for the entire day on Saturday 30th May during the Promo Day event. Click "Register Now" above for access to this, and all the other webinars. You'll also have access to the pitch sessions with Publishers, and all the other activities and opportunities that PD15 offers.

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