#PromoDay2016: Join us on Saturday 14th May!

#PromoDay2016: Join us on Saturday 14th May! #BookMarketing #Free #Event

I'm pleased to announce that this years Promo Day event will take place on Saturday 14th May. As usual, it will be a whole day packed full of opportunities to promote, network, and learn.

What you can expect to find during the event:

- Free Webinars with industry experts on topics related to author branding and book marketing.

- Pitch sessions with publishers. No need to wait weeks or even months for a reply. they will let you know on the day if they are interested or not.

- Loads of opportunities to promote and network via the forums and social chats throughout the day.

- Live panel discussions via Google hangouts on topics related to publishing and marketing.

- Book giveaways

Register now. It's completely FREE and everyone is welcome!


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Unknown said...


I don't know why, but I can't register and I've tried to change my passworf. Can you help?

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