Daven Anderson Returns to Present Webinar at #PromoDay2016

I'm very happy to welcome back Daven Anderson to the team of presenters for this years Promo Day event. Daven has participated in several Promo Day's and will be returning to present "The Unique Advantages Of In-Person Networking" during this years event on Saturday 14th May.
Daven Anderson to Present Webinar at #PromoDay2016


Daven Anderson is the author of the Vampire Syndrome Saga, released by PDMI Publishing, LLC.

He also works in PMDI's marketing department, helping other authors develop their brands. 


Outline of the Webinar:

One key aspect of author promotion is making personal appearances, such as book signings and networking at conventions. 

While social media has transformed the marketing landscape for authors, there is still no substitute for the value of in-person networking.
Daven's webinar will help you take the social media skills you learn here at PromoDay2016 to the next level.
Face-to-face conversations make impressions and leave memories far beyond what social media interaction can achieve.
Yet, social media is your key to the inner world of industry-leading authors, agents, publishers, and film/TV producers.
Once your door to the industry leaders is open, the skills you need to reap the unique benefits of in-person contact are what Daven will cover in his webinar. You never know how far "word-of-mouth" can travel, until you begin.

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