Emily la Grange to Present Webinar at #PromoDay2016

I'm pleased to announce that Emily La Grange has joined the presenter line up for this years Promo Day event on 14th May. Emily will be presenting a webinar about Online Branding.

Emily la Grange to Present Online Branding Webinar at #PromoDay2016


Emily is the author and creator of www.EmilylaGrange.com. She's been working from home since her children were born (>10 years). She's also a blogger and marketing coach to work-from-home mompreneurs and has a passion for social media, design and building relationships. Emily loves to empower others by sharing simple tips and step by step tutorials to brand themselves beautifully and ROCK their business online!


Outline of webinar:

Branding is not just for businesses. Your personal brand goes way further than your logo or font. It's how you are perceived by every interaction people have with you. This is a good thing, because it means you have the power to create your own authentic personal brand.

In this training learn how to manage the way you're perceived. Emily will walk through the basics of defining and growing your personal brand, including establishing your personal style, building a consistent online identity and creating content.

With some focused action and the right marketing strategies anyone can stand out in the marketplace and attract their ideal audience.

Emily's training will cover:

- How do you want to be perceived?
- Know your audience
- Building a consistent online identity
- Establishing your personal style
- Creating content


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