Are you ready for #PromoDay2016? Only One Day To Go!

Are you ready for #PromoDay2016? Only One Day To Go!

Promo Day 2016 is just one day away! Tomorrow you'll be able to throw yourself into this information packed day of fun. 

As tomorrow is going to be action packed, here's a quick overview of what will be happening:

Free Webinars

11 free webinars will be available all day long. Learn about a variety of topics related to author branding, book marketing, and editing. The presenters will be dropping by the forums throughout the day to answer your questions.

Pitch Sessions

9 Publishers will be taking pitches during the Promo Day 2016 event and will reply to all pitches received by the end of the day. No waiting ages to find out if they're interested or not. Numerous genres accepted. 

Live Panel Discussions

There will be several LIVE video panel discussions during the event where industry experts will share tips, strategies, and tricks of the trade on a variety of topics. 

Live Social Media Events

There will be several live events on different social media platforms during the day so that attendees can put into practice things they learn in the webinars and panel discussions. The perfect opportunities to network with others from the industry and discuss topics related to book marketing, and author branding. 

There will also be shout of sessions where you can promote your books.

Don't forget to network

One of the great things about the Promo Day event is how easy it makes it for you to network with others in the industry... and not just other authors, and publishers. Promo Day is also attended by book bloggers, cover designers, editors, book reviewers, PR companies, avid readers, and more...

There will be plenty of opportunities to connect in the forums, but you can also network via your preferred social media channel. The official hashtag for the event is #PromoDay2016. Use it on your tweets and posts to connect further during the event.

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