Free eBook for ALL Registered Participants for #PromoDay2017

Free eBook for ALL Registered Participants for #PromoDay2017 @PublishingPush

The wonderful people at Publishing Push have kindly offered to give away a free copy of their ebook Book Marketing: Results From 300+ Book Marketing Campaigns to everyone who registers for Promo Day 2017. 
The ebook covers:
  1. Press releases and why your should avoid them
  2. Your book is judged by its cover and what to do about it
  3. Our secret Twitter Tip
  4. Facebook advertising for authors
  5. And much more

Free eBook for ALL Registered Participants for #PromoDay2017 @PublishingPush

I've already read my copy and it's packed full of great advice and tips. Seriously, you want to read this ebook! Register now and Publishing Push will send you your free ebook following the event on Saturday 6th May. 

Their website is also packed full of information and resources. They offer a variety of services for authors that are well worth checking out. Visit them at

Register now for Promo Day 2017 for access to the forums where you'll find all the webinars, pitch sessions, giveaways, and loads of opportunities to promote and network on Saturday 6th May 2017 


Webinar: Help! My Book Isn't Selling. Should I Give Up? by Penny Sansevieri

#Webinar: Help! My Book Isn't Selling. Should I Give Up? by Penny Sansevieri @BookGal

Webinar: Help! My Book Isn't Selling. Should I Give Up? 

Presenter: Penny Sansevieri

About the webinar:

It’s hard to know when it’s time to give up or keep pushing, and in a world where there are 4,500 books published each day, it's easy to get lost in the flood of titles that hit Amazon. So what's an eager author to do? Well, before you give up - let's look at 9 things that could be wrong and how to fix them.

In this session we'll look at specific issues that seem to plague some books that just aren't moving the needle.

Here are a few of the things we’ll look at:

  • Marketing – are you doing enough of the right things? I’ll show you how to know what you should be doing and give yourself your very own marketing grade.
  • Cover – do you know if your cover is strong enough for the genre?
  • Reviews – do you have enough? How to get more reviews even if your book is over a year old.
  • Is your book to old? Does it matter to your reader?

About Penny Sansevieri:

Penny Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. (AME) and Adjunct Professor at NYU, is a best-selling author and internationally recognized book marketing and media relations expert. 
Penny's company is one of the leaders in the publishing industry and has developed some of the most cutting-edge book marketing campaigns. Penny has owned and operated  Author Marketing Experts, Inc.,for 16 years and she also has published 14 books, including How to Sell Your Books by the Truckload on Amazon and Red Hot Internet Publicity, which has been called the "leading guide to everything Internet." Her company, AME, has been featured in numerous media outlets such as InTouch Weekly, Fox News, The Huffington Post, BlogHer, Entrepreneur, Publishers Weekly and much more!

Connect with Penny:

Register now for Promo Day 2017 for access to the forums where you'll find all the webinars, pitch sessions, giveaways, and loads of opportunities to promote and network on Saturday 6th May 2017 


Promo Day 2017 Giveaway: One Hour Consultation with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

#PromoDay2017 #Giveaway: One Hour Consultation with Carolyn Howard-Johnson @FrugalBookPromo

There will be loads of fabulous prizes up for grabs during the Promo Day 2017 event on Saturday 6th May. Register now so you don't miss out.

One of the prizes up for grabs is an hour long consultation with marketing expert Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

About Carolyn’s Consulting

“YOU are still the best deal in town!”

~ Jendi Reiter, award-winning poet and novelist, 
commenting on my marketingcoaching program

It is Carolyn’s warm, accepting approach to finding what marketing is best for your personality, your pocketbook, and your product or service (and yes, stores and books are usually both products and services of one kind or another!) that makes her so appreciated by her clients.

When a full scale promotion campaign for your book or store is required (and it always is), you hire a professional to help you plot your campaign to help you plot your campaign. 

One hour with Carolyn Howard-Johnson will:

  • educate you to the need for publicity (publicity is free as compared to advertising which costs money!).
  • show you why free is even better than paid. 
  • give you resources to get you started and keep you going.
  • give you the tools to write great query letters and media releases so you can get exposure from radio and TV appearances, feature articles, blogs and other places on the Web.
  • equip you to partner with a publicist or marketing person assigned to you by your publisher or the one you hire on your own.
  • give you guidelines for hiring the right publicist if you choose to go that route.
  • save you thousands of dollars whether you choose to manage your own publicity campaign or hire it done.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson Tailors Your Promotion to:
  • your personality.
  • your pocketbook.
  • your brand.

She also works to improve the voice in your proposals or other writing, not change it. She helps you cut the time you spend on blogging, tweeting, and other online promotion in half.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is credible because:
  • she has experienced what her clients need to know in most genres (novel, short stories, poetry and nonfiction and retailing).
  • she has published every which way (traditionally, self-published, subsidy-published. She has published trade paperbacks, e-books, and booklets. She has been published in newspapers, magazines and literally hundreds of Web sites and blogs).
  • she has worked as a publicist and journalist. That means she knows how to appeal to both sides of the fence in your search for exposure.
  • she was a UCLA Extension instructor for nearly a decade.
  • she wrote The Frugal Book Promoter, winner of USA Book News Best Professional Book 2004 and the Irwin award as well as several books on marketing for retailers.
  • she wrote the multi award-winning Frugal Editor -- and, yes, editing does have something to do with marketing, especially writing effective query letters, proposals, Web site copy, blogs, and more.
  • her books won Book Publicists of Southern California's Irwin Award and the New Millennium Award for Marketing and many more.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson's professional and personal life exemplify the American Dream. Her passion for the worlds of PR and publishing resonates with her clients. They leave sessions emotionally charged and ready to function. She passes on contacts and leads for you to pursue.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson customizes her consulting time with you. Reach her by e-mail.

So, why consult rather than hire it done? 
  • because you know your product (book, store, service)  better than anyone else and a good, content-laden consult is all you need to get you going.
  • because you are more passionate about your product than anyone else which means that your efforts will bear more fruit than someone else's.
  • because much of what many publicists do for you can easily be done yourself including getting radio, TV, and speaking gigs.  And, yes, features with bloggers and media editors, too.
  • because you have a Rolodex of your own. Building it for yourself will bode well for every project you undertake from this moment forward. she'll show you how to do this more effectively and use it more effectively.
  • because Carolyn consults to save you money, she doesn't try to sell you more than you need.

Multi award-winning author of  the HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers and the Survive and Thrive series of books for retailers.
Consults with writers to help them write, shop, and promote their books.
Consults with retailers to help them brand their stores and market frugally.

Register now for access to the whole event. It's FREE!

Webinar: Building A Fan Base With Giveaways & Free Books With Jo Linsdell

#Webinar: Building A Fan Base With Giveaways & Free Books #Free #PromoDay2017

Webinar: Building A Fan base With Giveaways & Free Books

Presenter: Jo Linsdell

About the webinar:

Does leveraging “free” giveaways increase royalties? Short answer, Yes

Many authors hesitate to offer free books believing that free books lead to a net loss in sales. Often the opposite is true: free books actually boost sales. In this webinar we'll be taking a look at the multitude of benefits that can be harnessed through giving away free books. We'll also cover setting your giveaways goals, how to run a successful giveaway, and the various ways you can use free books to grow your readership. 

BONUS: You'll also get a free file full of sites that promote free books.

About Jo Linsdell:

Jo Linsdell is the author of numerous books, including; The serial fiction  KOSMOS, How To Be Twittertastic, Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home, Italian for Tourists, A Guide to Weddings in Italy, Out and About at the Zoo,  Fairy May and The Box. She is also the illustrator of the A Birthday Clown for Archer series (written by Kathy Mashburn) and the Jasmine Dreams series (written by Maria Rochelle).

She is the founder and CEO of the award winning blog Writers and Authors and the founder and organiser of Promo Day. Linsdell studied A-levels in Business Studies, History and Art and has won several awards in her career. She was named the Who's Who in the writing industry in 2009.

Connect with Jo: 

Register now for Promo Day 2017 for access to the forums where you'll find all the webinars, pitch sessions, giveaways, and loads of opportunities to promote and network on Saturday 6th May 2017 


Calling for Sponsorship: Donate a Prize for the #PromoDay2017 Giveaways

Calling for Sponsorship: Donate a Prize for the #PromoDay2017 Giveaways

Last year I introduced giveaways to the Promo Day event, which went down well with attendees. This year I want to offer even more. 

Giveaways are a great way to draw attention to your brand, product and/or service. I mean, who doesn't like the opportunity to win something? By donating a prize you get a LOT of attention and publicity. 

I am not going to tell you much more for now but if you want to sponsor you will get many links back to your website from this website and the Promo day social media channels (plus the warm giddy feeling that you are donating ;)).

To Sponsor:

To sponsor a prize please email me with the prize you are kindly willing to donate along with a link to your website so I can link back to your site. 


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