Promo Day Success Stories: Across Spacetime

Promo Day Success Stories: Across Spacetime

Every year during the Promo Day event, a group of publishers take part in pitch sessions. These publishers are on the look out for talented authors with the right manuscript. 

How the pitch sessions work:

1) Participating publishers post their submission guidelines to the event forums.
2) Registered Promo Day attendees can then send them their pitch.
3) The publishers send back a reply THE SAME DAY. That's right, no waiting weeks, months, or even years for a reply. They let you know during the event if they are interested or not.
4) If the publisher is interested they will then guide you through the next steps in the process.

Promo Day Success Stories

Today I wanted to share with you one of the pitch session success stories.

Author Angela Guidolin pitched her idea to publisher Fountain Blue Publishing  during the 2015 event. Her book Across Spacetime was released in March 2017 (purchase now at: Smashwords).

Ms Guidolin had this to say: “When two years ago I partook in Promo Day, I didn’t expect it would be so important for my writing career. As the day went on, I discovered a treasure throve of information regarding the marketing and publishing industry; I took part in a competition to win five ebooks offered by PDMI Publishing and I pitched my manuscript to Fountain Blue Publishing. The following day Jo announced to me I was the winner of the competition and by mid-July I signed my first publishing contract for a novella.”

Promo Day Success Stories: Across Spacetime

About the book:

2651: Humans have colonised most of the Solar System, and have a vast theoretical knowledge of the multiverse. The Martian branch of the Earth History Institute decides to put that knowledge to use by offering a few lucky students the chance to spend a short while on a different point of the spacetime continuum for research purposes.  

Samir, a young Terran, takes this opportunity to experience London in the ‘90. A few years later he happens upon another time traveller, Beatrice, a young Progressive (human from the outer planetary systems). They fall in love, but for their story to work out, they have to overcome their own prejudice and change their expectations from life.

"During the PromoDay event in 2015, we received an query from Angela Guidolin for her novella Across Spacetime. Her query was well written and her story concept was intriguing, so we requested the full manuscript for consideration. After careful review by several staff members, it was agreed that her concept was unique, her writing was strong, and her story was worthy of publishing. We appreciate the opportunities that Promo Day affords to authors and publishers." Melanie Fountain, Fountain Blue Publishing.

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