Webinar: Making Public Appearances Work for You as an Author with Clay Gilbert

Webinar: Making Public Appearances Work for You as an Author with Clay Gilbert

Webinar: Stepping Out of the Pages:  Making Public Appearances Work for You as an Author

Presenter: Clay Gilbert

About the webinar:

In this webinar, science-fiction and horror novelist—and longtime staff member for Atlanta’s DragonCon--Clay Gilbert explains how you can get the most out of book signings and convention appearances, making them not only an important part of connecting with readers and increasing your visibility, but having FUN while you do it!

About Clay:

Clay Gilbert has been hearing the voices of aliens, vampires, and people from the future since about the age of four.  It wasn't long before he started to think taking notes on what they said might be a good idea.  This has led him many places—through the halls and classrooms of many schools, where he's been both in front of the teacher's desk and behind it, himself—to presenter's podiums at conventions, and, most often, to the comfortable chair behind his writing desk at home, where he uses his Dell computer as both a beacon and a translator for the voices that still find their way through from countless worlds and planes of existence. Clay’s work in various genres has been in print since his first short science fiction story, “The Computer Conspiracy,” was published in Scholastic magazine when he was just thirteen. He holds an M.A. in English literature from Auburn University, and an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from the University of Souh Carolina. Clay is the author of the science fiction novels Annah: Children of Evohe, Book One and Eternity, as well as the vampire novel Dark Road to Paradise.  His current projects include the soon-to-be-published Annah and the Exiles: Children of Evohe, Book Two and Annah and the Gates of Grace: Children of Evohe, Book Three, as well as Cassie’s Song, a sequel to Dark Road to Paradise. He has also served as the Chief Editor for PDMI Publishing, and has been a member of the volunteer staff for DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia for the past decade.  He lives and works in Knoxville, TN.  His author blog can be found at https://portalsandpathways.wordpress.com/, and the official website for his Children of Evohe novels resides at https://childrenofevohe.com/.

Connect with Clay:

Official “Children of Evohe” series website: https://childrenofevohe.com/.

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